I am so excited for Christmas!

I can't wait to see how my children react to what "Santa" brought them. I love to see their faces and the surprise and just the happy feeling they have on Christmas morning. It isn't only because they got something they liked or wanted, there is just something else about Christmas morning. They are full of pure joy, they want to share what they received with us as parents, they love to see what the others received, they are just as happy for everyone else as they are for themselves. Why can't they feel like that everyday? I wonder, how does a family live their lives, so that it feels like Christmas morning every morning? Any suggestions? I think I know a few, like read scriptures consistently with them, pray with and teach them how to pray, watch good wholesome, uplifting movies with them, read wonderful books with them. I think these things will help, but there has got to be more to it? right? Maybe showing service to others by example and teach them compassion for others will also help. That is a lot! to teach. I guess as parents we can only go day by day and do our best to teach the children these things.

Merry Christmas and have a fabulous New Year!

(and by the way, these are last years pics)


Have you Ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered what 10 dozen cookies might look like? That's One-Hundred Twenty cookies. 120. Actually, I made 144+1, but who's counting right? Well I can show you what that looks like minus one. My dog ate the other plate of cookies! Bad dog!
Oh.My. I was mad. If you look carefully, you'll see these are not the store bought cookies people buy from the bakery. I made these by myself. I didn't let the little ones help because they like to lick icing and candies off their fingers as they decorate. As these were not cookies for our home, but a party, I couldn't let them help.
I spent the night before rolling out, cutting out and baking these cute little time consumers. The next day, I spent decorating them, coming up with ideas on how to do just that with as little time spent as possible. That wasn't happening. I spent most of the day making them. Oh well, right. People enjoyed the cookies anyway and thankfully, the dog couldn't reach the other plates at all. I have learned a very important lesson. Just buy cookies!

(Not really, making them is fun and my friends all love them.)

Our cute Christmas Tree

Yay! Monday, Stephen took the 3 older kids to the tree lot and picked up a Christmas tree. I wanted one that was small and would fit on a folding table or one that was as tall as the ceiling. I didn't get what I wanted. Instead, Stephen brought home a tree too tall for the table but not to the ceiling. Hm. Oh well, I guess I'll have to go out next year. So, I spent the next day putting lights on the tree until the kids came home from school and then they put the decorations on it. Well, that is the usual thing to do. Monday, I didn't feel so good. I got the lights on the tree, but that was after the kids came home from school, just before dinner. So now it is done and has been for a few days. Boy #2, he likes the decorations. I watched him today as he spent some time going from one side of the tree to the other touching every ornament in his reach. He was very careful, but it was just funny to watch. Now. Yesterday, I was on the phone with my friend and I looked at our tree. Something was wrong. Something wasn't right. About 50 lights on a strand of 150 went out. They aren't lit. Nothing. I'm a little not happy, but I'm not about to undo the top just for those 50 lights. UGH!!! Oh well, we'll have a great Christmas without those 50 lights glowing.


Piano- Let's try again.

Yay! I tried again and it worked! This is Girl #1, my oldest. Isn't she cute. I like both my girls and I'm proud of the hard work they put in to learn their pieces. I'm really proud.

I don't play the piano, but I do play the violin. My mother and I played just last night for our ward Relief Society Christmas Party. It was a lot of fun to duet with my mom. She plays the viola and does a terrific job! I like to play with her and I love the sounds of the viola, so deep and gorgeous.


So last week our girls had their Christmas piano recital. They did an awesome job and looked so cute at the piano. I'm thankful for our friend who teaches them, she does an amazing job with the kids. She is also a great friend not only to me, but to our family as well. She did a great job with the whole little program, it was only a half hour. NICE! So I'm trying to post some video of the girls playing, I started the camera too late, so no names of songs or people on it.
okay, only one video would load, stupid dumb whatever. UGH! I hope you enjoy the music.


Gratitude Catch Up!19-30

Oh. My. How time flies by!!!
All right, if I was cute or artsy or a little literary smarty-pants, I'd make up a song or a poem for the rest of these, but I'm not, so you don't get a song or anything remotely close. Get settled with a cup of hot cocoa, put on your slippers, and enjoy the (not written well) novel!
11-19-2009: My Calling. In our ward, I'm the primary chorister. I really like and am glad to say we finally, have a pianist for primary and she is excellent! I love to hear the kids sing and especially if they know the song well, they tend to sing louder than me.
11-20-2009: Friends to hang out with. On this day my friends and I were finally able to get together. No one was sick and no one had anything going on. I loved it. It was so much fun to talk about whatever and laugh. Oh, how I love to laugh and these friends of mine made. me. laugh! I'm grateful for them and being able to around them. They always have a good, uplifting attitude and are very inspiring.
11-21-2009: Baptism and Cookies! On this day my family and I were given the opportunity to witness a young girls decision to join the church. She asked that I speak at her baptism on the Holy Ghost. I was so grateful for the opportunity. I mean how often do you get this? usually only for your children or nieces and nephews. Cookies! Oh I love cookies, they are so bad for me. If we have them, I eat them. If I make the dough, I'll eat just it. I love cookies and I'm glad to report, that I'm learning to control my passion for them and eat only a few instead of all.
11-22-2009: Boy #2! Oh how I love this little guy. He makes me: smile, cry, frown, laugh, dance, tired, think about how best to potty train him, HAPPY, more loving, search, have my own "A-ha" moments. I'll comment on this last example. He's now noticed when I look for something, I'll say ah, there it is. He is now saying (anytime he's looking for something) "A-HAA!" Oh it is funny, walking out of the store, "A-Ha! there it is" when asked where the vehicle was. He says it when looking for a toy, book, shoe, food, anything.
11-23-2009: Boy #1! Oh he is a cutie. I love this kid. He is smart and works hard in school. He laughs hysterically at all the funny things-even if they aren't. He smiles and has the cutest dimples that will melt your heart. He's a charmer, but refuses to kiss anyone, except for special occasions. Which, by the way, there haven't been any. He loves to run and play on the couches. He loves, loves, loves to tease his big sisters! Oh. my. goodness. The fights that erupt. I'm learning to be patient and calm when this happens. I'm trying to get the girls to realize he likes them and will tease them because of it. He is full of love which then helps me love him even more. He tries so hard to do well, and gets upset when he fails. He knows we love him and will always be here for him. He needs a hair cut often, but that is part of what makes him so cute. There is so much to him, I love his personality and the things that make him, him.
11-24-2009: Girl #2! Oh what a fun loving gal! When she was little, she used to stutter. It was the. cutest. thing. in. the. world. She is always so helpful and loves, loves, loves art. She is constantly drawing a picture of the family or something else. I just love her so much. She calls her grandma to arrange sleepovers for her and boy #1, without my knowledge. She is the best girl #2 that I could ever have asked for. She once asked when she could quit piano, I told her when she can play like her teacher. She frowned at that, but she is still trying hard. She makes me laugh. She tries to make everyone happy, but she is a tease! She is a great reader and loves it. She likes to play school and other games at home. She loves to play on the computer and is getting good at the games on the pbskids website. She loves school and what more could a parent want than that!
11-25-2209: Girl #1! She is FUNNY! at least she thinks she is. ;} I really love her and appreciate all she does here at home. She helps watch the kids, does her piano without being asked, does her chores, helps the others with their chores, and she still gets to hang out with her friends. She is getting older and looks it. I'm sad that my first is growing so fast. I didn't realize that she is going to be a teenager within a few years and I'll have lost her to her friends. I hope not. I hope she'll always be able to talk with me. I hope she knows how much we love her. She is an amazing kid, full of love for all, happiness, joy, the occasional bad day, joking, teasing, patience. I could learn a lesson from her.
11-26-2009: Stephen. I love him. He is my rock. I love his support for me and for our children. He supports us all in sports, church callings and activities, home endeavors, school work, friends, and most of all, family togetherness. He always tries to be home when something is going on for the kids or me. He loves us and it is evident. He works in S.L.C. and the drive takes him away from us an extra 2 hours from what we're used to. He loves to: hike, bike, camp, fish, backpack, metal detect, scouting, go to parks, go on walks, pretty much anything outside, and the most important is, that, he always involves us in these activities. I'm grateful for him involving me and our children in his life.
11-27-2009: Thanksgiving and the run that morning. I was able to meet up with Amanda, Lesa, Lisa, Trevor, and Celeste for the Ogden Regional M.C. 5 mile run. It was actually closer to 4 I believe. I ran it in 46 minutes and 28 second. That averages my mile to 11:57. That is fast for me. I usually have a 13 to 14 minute mile. I'm very pleased with it. I'm grateful for the friends that went and ran it with me, even though we stayed together for maybe a half mile. The crowd that was there was huge! I'm glad they waited for me to finish before they went home. That was nice of them. Thanksgiving was a good time spent with family. I enjoyed it and the food.
11-28-2009: Santa Run 5K in Ogden. I ran this by myself, no friends. I was a little sad about that, but I handled it because my wonderful husband and great kids were there to cheer me on. I ran this 5K in 34:50. That is my fastest time of all my 5K's this year. I loved it. I felt good, but tired and hot. I overdressed because we were staying for the parade and fireworks after the run. I was happy though. I wasn't last. I finished the race in great time for me. My husband and children got to see me race. It was my exercise for the day. In 72 hours, I started with a race and ended with a race. It was a good weekend.
11-29-2009: Jake our dog. Jake is a black Lab and Weimaraner mix. He's beautiful. He protects my family from strangers and other dangers. He watches them when they play and makes sure they are safe. He protects us while Stephen is at work or gone camping with scouts. He is always ready to play, but, is obedient when he can't. He is the best dog for our family. He went hiking/metal detecting with Stephen this day. They went early in the morning and they went far up the mountain. To the top in fact. Jake was right there with Stephen, always loyal and faithfully by his side. At the beginning of the hike, about 3/4 to the top of the mountain, Stephen misstepped and started to slide on the rocks going down. He caught himself quickly, but Jake, sensing Stephen's initial fear, pushed his head onto Stephen's chest. It was harder for Stephen to hang on and he had to let go sliding down the mountain face, Jake jumped onto Stephen's chest hoping to stop him before he truly got hurt. Stephen did stop and Jake jumped off him. I'm glad Stephen wasn't alone on his hike, he was bushwhacking and didn't go on a trail. Jake was there to help where he could. Jake will always be a part of our family, no matter if Boy #1 and I are allergic to him and have asthma due to him being in our home. Jake is a faithful, loyal, truly good animal and a huge part of our family. The kids love him, Stephen loves him and I like him very, very much.
11-30-2009: Our general good health. Other than the normal colds, we haven't fared too bad thus far. This is the season for many sicknesses and usually we get them by now. I'm very glad that my kids are all healthy, no diseases for us to worry about. We have truly been blessed by the Lord. Earlier this month, our cousin's son was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, medulla blastoma. He has tumors on his brain and some on the spine. The doctors are treating it as aggressively as it is acting. The poor little 3 year old has been going to radiation treatments five days a week for six weeks. I believe this is the beginning of week three. We pray constantly that all will go well. He will begin chemotherapy after the radiation treatments. He will have several of those, I don't know exactly how many. It will be a long process, a very long time before any of us can be near him, due to it being the cold/flu/pneumonia season. We love this little guy and think he will make it. We hope and pray for all those who are sick, we hope all will be well with all of you who read this. We are very grateful for our general health and hope you will be as well.


Break Time 11-18-2009

Every one needs a break. We need a break at work, which you get. We need a break from stress, sickness, laundry, grocery shopping, paying the bills, cooking, exercise, cleaning, and yes, even our children. Now I'm not taking a break today, but I will in the near future. I don't know when, but I will. This morning, I had a semi-break I guess. I haven't been feeling so well, my ears and throat hurt and I had a huge headache. I slept for a good portion of the morning and I felt quite a bit better after the extra sleep and a hot shower. My poor boy #2 though had to sit and watch t.v. while I slept on the couch. Sorry little guy, no fun. I thankful that we are able to take a break from life some times. I call those get-a-ways...from kids, husbands, work, stress, house, shopping (although that can be therapy.) I do enjoy my time away with Stephen, in fact I really like those breaks. I haven't needed a break for a long time, I think its because of my family making life so good. For that I'm thankful for long stretches of time between my breaks.

Book Club 11-17-2009

I joined a book club with my friends Amanda and Mel about 6 months ago, and I really like it. We have read some wonderful and great books, also a couple I wouldn't read again. I very grateful for the friends I have made in Book Club as well. They are wonderful women who think and act amazingly. They are very kind women, who don't judge you or a book by its cover. I love it!
I love to read, I like it. It is my escape from everything else in my life. Stephen's not too keen on my reading all the time, but he'll deal with it. I can spend hours upon hours on a good book. I re-read many of the books I own. There is one set of books I really want to get: Hard cover Harry Potter series. I found the cheapest place is Barnes and Noble.com and, ironically, buying all seven in a box set is cheaper than buying them individually. Stephen's not too excited about that, but I want my children to read them. I want them to learn to love reading as much as I do and I want it to be fun for them. I know some of them won't like it as much as I do, but I want them to read very well and to be able to succeed in life. Reading will help them do that. Anything you've ever wanted to know is written down somewhere.

Music 11-16-2009

I'm thankful for music in general. I love to listen to all kinds. I like the stuff that when you listen to it, it makes you run or dance. I like to listen to the stuff that is soft and relaxing. I don't really listen to music in the car cuz I'm usually with the kids and they are talking with me. I like to listen to music to wake me up and get me going for the day. I do this to Stephen as well, I get loud, fast paced music going to get him out of bed. It's fabulous. I like to play the violin, so I truly enjoy orchestra music. Ironically, I love to hear the viola or cello most. I get to play at our Relief Society Christmas dinner. I'm excited, because I talked my mom into playing her viola with me. It will sound beautiful. My girls play the piano. They do really good when they practice. They have now been forced to practice everyday before either gets to go outside, watch t.v., play their radio, or anything. They come home from school and do their school work, piano, house work, in that order. I'm grateful for my friend Lisa who teaches them. She definitely has more Patience with them than I do.


Do You ever just have one?

Do you ever just have one of those days? When they are so good, you hope to have it again and again? Sunday was one of those days for me. I wasn't stressed, we all went to church, there wasn't any fighting, and we were able to enjoy a birthday party at my parents home for sister S. and brother M. Man!, it was such a good day. I got along really well with my husband and kids and the rest of the family. Oh, Yeah! it was a good day.


On the 14th of November, my Fathers side of the family had a baby shower for my cousin. I'm very excited for her and know she'll have a great time with her new little one. My sister T just had a baby in October. She is just one of the cutest things I have ever seen. At three weeks old she was probably as big as one of mine at birth. I miss having a baby to hold, but know I can always borrow one. My "baby" is now 2 and 1/2 and I want to start potty training.
Babies bring something out in you as a person. They are so fragile, but not. They seem helpless, but help others feel great. There is just something about them that makes a person want to change and be great. Babies change lives, they help to make the world a better place and I truly believe God sends babies to the families they are meant to be with (either by birth or adoption.) My friend Amanda and her husband adopted Max and he is totally meant for them! I mean it. He looks like dad and acts like mom! They are such a cute family and they are hoping to increase their family through adoption again.
Babies change lives and just help the day go better. I'm thankful for the reminder I had this weekend of how much they are needed.


My Mom and Dad. I am so thankful I was born to them. They have always been wonderful examples in my life. They have always supported me and my brothers in whatever we chose to do. They LOVE their grandchildren, in fact, I think they'd rather them than us some days ;}
My Dad helped me find and purchase every vehicle I've owned until I was married. He helped me buy my own horse (and sell it,) and let me take care of the family horse as well. My Dad taught me how to drive a standard vehicle, which I absolutely loved. He would help me with Algebra, which I hated! He took me (not just me, but our family) hunting, fishing, camping, to the drive-in a couple of times, and always to get a "soda water". I know my Dad will always help me.
My Mom helped me with learning how to play the violin. She helped me when I did Ballet. She helped me with learning how to sew, cook, and take care of children younger than me. She has taught me to try to have patience with my own children and to always leave the room if I feel too angry. She is understanding and has always been willing to help. I know my Mom will always help me.
They put me on their cell phone plan and instead of me paying them, I clean their house and try to help out when I can. That is what I did on Friday the 13th, I cleaned their house. I would help my Mom with cleaning anyway, but this helps me have a way to contact them and others when I'm not able to be home. So I'm very thankful for my parents and everything they have done for me and my husband and family. They are absolutely wonderful parents.


Nov. 12th, 2009

I'm very pleased to announce that my husband is now a full-time, non-contract, employee of Blackrock Microsystems as of November 1st. We have been hoping and waiting for this to happen for some time now and are pleased as punch! We will have better health insurance and we won't have to worry about paying the taxes out of his paycheck anymore! (that in itself is a big plus.) He still has to make the crazy drive there, but I'm sure we can figure something out. Yay! for a great job and yay for better health coverage!
I'm so happy for my husband, I know he was worried for a small time about it. I know he likes it there and is very happy to be employed with them. He will do very well there.


Veteran's Day. Remembrance Day. Armistice Day. How many of you know why we really celebrate it? I learned a little bit about it and how it came about. It came about on November 11 1918 when World War I formally ended. It ended at the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month with the Germans signing the Armistice. I'm thankful the men and women of ours and other nations military are willing to put their lives on the line, no matter what, to protect our rights, our freedoms, and our privileges and obligations as Americans. So many young people don't give a flyin' whoop about their elders, there is so much one can learn just by talking with someone who lived years ago. We've had several in our family line serve in the military and we're proud of them. Those who have served during World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and the most recent of wars that have been, Afghanistan and Iraq, I'm glad to say all our family have come home safely and there are some that are able to, would serve again.
I hope all have remembered those who fought for the U.S.A. and for our rights, freedoms, and privileges. Remember them and pray for those still fighting for us.


Guess What!? I RAN

I ran almost a full 4 miles this morning. I was 16th shy of the full 4. pbbt! I know I could have ran all of it, but I didn't know when to stop. Oh well! I'll be working on it this whole week. Oh, and it only took me 45:50, that is something I can live with. Mel and Manda, you know it took me this long just to run 2 miles when I first started. I'm excited!

I like the teachers

I really like my children's teachers in school. They make me feel like I'm a great mother-which not to brag but, I do all right. Boy #1's teacher tells me the happenings of the class. She also lets me know if the boy had a book to read or not. I like her a lot! Girl #2's teacher has a lot of fun with girl #2. She loves that girl #2 is always willing to help and loves to read and do anything involving art. Girl #1's teacher is cool. He helps the students so much and is always trying to get them to improve and to just try a little harder. Girl #1 likes his class and is enjoying her time at school. I really like their teachers and that the teachers and the children work so hard to make it a good day. (November 10)


November 8th

Today, I am thankful that our Primary Program is officially done. I was stressed forever about it, that the kids wouldn't know the songs and I would not be able to lead them. We did, in fact, mess up on one verse of one song, but everything else went pretty good. We are not The Mormon Tabernacle Choir by any means, but these children of God sang very well. I am proud of them. The main topic for the program is that the family is of God. We sang a song with that title, which we had the primary broken up in groups for, and they all did as well as could be expected. (which I expect a lot from them.) I am so proud of how hard the children worked and how well they did. They all knew what to do and did it very well. What can I say? they are truly Children of a wonderful Heavenly Father, who loves them and wants the best for them. I'm so blessed to have been a part of it. I loved it!

November 7th

I'm thankful for running in the morning (only three miles) and then hiking in the afternoon (2 miles.) I'm learning to like exercise even more. I'm thankful for the time I get to spend with some favorite people! My hubby, sister Sue, My kids and My friend Amanda! Good times! We ran in the morning, before the sun ever decided to poke its head up. No sun at all. The hike was in the afternoon at a great time of day. It was beautiful, warm, and not hard at all. All the kids hiked up fast! We went to a cave, but I am an absolute chicken and wouldn't go in. Everyone else did. They are crazy, but had smiles when they came out of the cave. So, I'm thankful for fun activities that make you exercise, even when you don't want to.


November 6

I'm thankful for Rock Band Parties or at least, the friends that throw them! It's nice to be able to visit with them and other friends that we haven't seen for some time. I love, love, love to play. One day, I will own one and then I will rock the drums!


November 5th

I'm thankful for having long hair that can be braided so I don't have to wash it for a couple of days if I choose. I didn't feel like taking care of it today so I put it into double french braids and stayed home. It was a good day.
My girls' hair is also long enough that, if I need to, I can braid or ponytail theirs in a jiffy. I like the easy way sometimes, it makes you feel good.


30 Days of Thankfulness

This month we celebrate Thanksgiving. My friend Lori has suggested 30 days of Thankfulness. I think I'll give it a try because my life is full of many things I'm thankful for. The little things I don't blog about and the big things I do. So, here it goes. I'll make a sidebar list for everyday and post some of the things individually. This one is a big post because it's the first one.

Sunday, November 1st: Grandpa I. We celebrated Stephen's Grandpa's 94th birthday today even though it is tomorrow. He is the sweetest man and always "mean as ever!" He has been a great example to my husband. I'm thankful for him being in my life.

Monday, November 2nd: Cleaning. I truly hate to clean, but I love it when it's done. I spent the day cleaning bathrooms, kitchen area, vacuuming and putting away the Halloween stuff. My house looks a little less cluttered. I like that. Laundry is a necessary evil and will always prevail.

Tuesday, November 3rd: My brother and his wife. They were married that day. Because of them I was reminded how blessed we are and can be if we follow our Savior and His teachings of Eternal marriage. (I'm especially grateful for this reminder.) Because of them, Stephen and I were able to dance and have a great time with our children at the reception. Because of them, we spent the whole day in the South Jordan-West Jordan area. Good times! Because of them, we were with my family for a good portion of the day. All of this, because my brother found someone to love and who loves him equally. Yay!!

Wednesday, November 4th: My father's mother. She had a bad fall yesterday and ended up cracking her vertebrae between her shoulder blades. She never did stand straight and has a hunch on her back, and I believe that is part of why she hurt her back. She wasn't doing so well at the wedding luncheon and that may have been part of it as well. She is doing okay, but in a lot of pain, and is at the hospital under the careful eyes of nurses and doctors. Her doctor decided it's not best for her to have the vertebrae fused, so I'm not sure what the next step will be.
She is one of the sweetest old ladies you'll ever meet. She would give you her eyesight if she had it to give. She told the best bedtime stories of princes and princesses, of witches and other fairy tales, and I'm sad to say that I don't remember how she told them. Her birthday is on Halloween day, she has always said she was a good witch, when I was little, I believed her for long time.
She is an amazing artist. She at one point in her life drew for Disney studios. She was that amazing. Thanks to age, disease, and uncontrollable events, she can no longer do art. She would blend colors together that you would never think of to put for the color of skin or hair. I'm grateful I was able to save some of her drawings and have her do a couple just for me.
She is full of love for everyone and for the Savior. She has a strong testimony of Christ and all he does for us. She trusts our Heavenly Father in taking care of all of us and that whatever happens to us is His will for us and part of our life and plan to return to live with him. I love her and am so thankful she is a part of my life.
11/05 Add to post The Doctor for my Grandma is doing surgery tomorrow on her spine. He is going to fill the crack in the vertebrae with cement (and any other cracks he might find.) I hope she does well and makes it through this.


Carving Pumpkins

We as a family carved our pumpkins on Tuesday night. We got started before Stephen came home from work so he would just help with the carving and also so we wouldn't be up half the night working on them. The kids and I got them all cleaned out and ready to go. Then Stephen came home. That was all the kids needed for a go ahead. The girls decided to use some cookie cutters as stencils, they traced them out on their pumpkins and started to cut away. Boy #1 wanted a certain stencil we had in a book, so I made a copy, cut out what shouldn't be on the pumpkin, traced it out on the pumpkin and let him have at it. He did a very good job and did his very best and most careful work of art on the pumpkin. I worked on Boy #2's pumpkin. No stencil, just my careful, artsy eye. I didn't know what to make for his so the usual jack-o-lantern face for boy #2. He's happy with it. So am I. Unfortunately for Stephen, I wasn't able to get his pumpkin cleaned out, which turned out to be okay. He made his top his own and then drilled holes all over the pumpkin. It looks awesome. He is very creative and cool like that.

We saved all the seeds from the pumpkins and now I will be making pumpkin seeds for us to snack on. They are like sunflower seeds, they taste good once they are salted then roasted. I can't wait! So enjoy the pictures and have a

Happy Halloween!!!!


October 26th, (the reason I had to take Stephen to work today)

On October 26Th, we went to Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City. It is a beautiful place just above the university. I, being a total wreck having to drive there without my husband, forgot my camera. Thanks be to my wonderful s.i.l. Susan who brought hers. I just need to get the pictures from her. It was a great family event. The kids all wore their costumes and had their face painted. They received a pumpkin to share and to paint, even boy #2 painted part of it. There was a huge owl, in the same building as the pumpkins, that was looking around. She then set her eyes on my boy #2. He noticed it and started to squirm away. He figured he was the prey at that point. They went through a haunted hallow area to make a witch's broom, then raced on the them through a maze. They searched through a haystack to find a creepy crawly thing which they then turned in to receive a prize. They listened to a witch tell scary stories and funny jokes. They went to the children's garden area and got to make potions! and play in the garden area set up just for them. They even got to see a Witch's brew. It was cold, but so much fun. It was a wonderful family night for us. Because it was total darkness outside, I begged Stephen to drive us home and I'd bring him into work the next morning. He is so good to me, he didn't have any problem. Because it was so late and being the forgetful mom that I am, we had to stop somewhere for a quick dinner on the road home, but we did enjoy a delicious chocolate cream pie at Grandma's and Grandpa's! I'll post those pictures as soon as I can!

There is SNOW!!!

I am totally happy! I love snow. It snowed before Halloween, which is what I've been saying all along. I want it to snow on the ground and stay there. I love the beauty it brings and the excitement. I'm so happy! Yay! It's in our mountains which now look gorgeous. It was on the grass earlier, but it sort of rained it away. As I was taking Stephen into work today, we past trees and grass with snow on them. It was such a contrast to see the yellow, red, and green of the trees and grass with the snow. It was so pretty. It made me smile. The one thing I didn't like was having to go to Salt Lake to take him to work. YUCK! I was terrified. Have I mentioned how much I hate to drive there. I'm a wimp. But now I have my beautiful snow to look at. I'm loving this.


Friday was legs day

We did leg workouts on Friday morning. It was awesome. My legs could handle it. I was so surprised. We started out with a couple of laps around the school parking lot to warm up with. We then did our workout. It consisted of many things, but I enjoyed each of them.
1- 10 hills, 30 curb jumps, 30 backward lunges= one set
2- 10 hills, 30 curb jumps, walking lunges 20 ft. out then back= one set
3- 3 laps
Then on to the Obstacle course:
1-20 toe touches on Bosu or 20 jumps
2-Rope ladder on ground, stepping into and out of squares while doing squats holding a medicine ball going down and lifting it up over our heads when standing up.
3-4 hula hoops placed in a square. jump forward and backward, side to side. 5 times
4-walking lunges while doing overhead presses with 5 lb. weights. about 15 -20 ft. there, then do them back.
5-10 Hurdle jumps(1/2 ft. off ground)
6- Lap around to other side
10 hills
sprint length of obstacle course
Start over again.

Oh let me tell you how much fun we had. We did this for an hour. I really liked it though, because it was at my time of day, 6 a.m.! YaHoooo! I loved it!
I can't wait for Amanda to come back so we can try some of these things.
Just think, we'll be ready for anything.

Thursday was a running hike

We went for a hike starting at 24th street and going east to a southerly direction. It was not as bad as I thought it'd be. I actually really enjoyed it, except for after the first 5 or 10 minutes into the hike, I fell. Actually, I tripped over a stupid root of an oak brush. I can't believe I did it. It is really in my true fashion to trip on any hike, so, yes I can believe it. The pictures don't even tell it all. I finished with a little blood and a very sore leg. We even went further than the trainer was going to take us. It felt so good to come down. The whole lot of us went super fast. I really like to go down hill, it was a lot more fun and an easier time. My leg muscles were pretty sore after this hike/run. I could barely walk. What is a hike without a little road rash. That is just how my life is. My sil Sheila did really well. She just makes up her mind to do it, then does. She is awesome!

Wednesday was Arms day

You all know what that means. We did so many things, my shoulders and arms hurt for days later. I don't know all we did-because there were so many things we did-but we did high reps with only 5 lb. weights. I don't get it. How did I become such a wimp? We did shoulder presses (30=one set), ones where your arms are at right angles and you bring them into to touch elbows and wrists (30=one set), we had our arms to our sides then lifted them straight out to the sides (20=one set), we did hovering push-ups (20 or 30=one set), we did planks but took one arm at a time and lifted out the 5 lb. weight (20 or 30 each arm=one set), we had to do sit-ups holding one weight above us then switch arms (30 ea. arm=one set). We did this one thing that is like a squatting pliae' that we'd bring our weights in hands to the center, then as we stood, we lifted them out to the side, then up to the top to make a circle. I'll just have to show it. It is harder for me to explain things than show them. I know we did some more things, but I can't remember them all.
That night I had a hard time picking up boy #2. He only weights about 25 lbs. I truly hurt for a few days.


Tuesday's Workout

We ran a 5k. That wasn't all, but it was the major thing we did. I ran it in 37:49. This is 10 seconds faster than my last run. I was so excited. I started out with a group but lost them about 3/4 mile into it. I was on my own after that. It was nice. I didn't listen to any music, I kept telling my self to keep going. I did it. I was in an area I've never ever been in before so I actually thought I was lost because there was no one in front of me that I could see and no one behind me. I thought I took a wrong turn somewhere. I finally saw my finish line and was glad to be done. I dug deep within myself and sped up the last little bit to finish. I was happy. I then had to do jumping jacks and push-ups until the remainder of the group came in. I really didn't have to wait long. I'm truly impressed with these people in the group. They try so hard and give it their all. I'm impressed and want to improve myself the same way they do. It was a lot of fun. I even came in second place for my age division. yeah, that says somethin', doesn't it? I had fun is the best part.

Monday's Workout

Okay, so I know this seems more like an exercise journal, but I'm trying to come up with things my family does. But, for now, I'm telling you about my week thus far.
On Monday, I went with Sheila, my s-i-l, to her personal trainers boot camp. This is what we did on Monday: 9 different stations for 5 minutes each, as many sets as we could get.

1- speed walk while carrying a 20lb. bucket about 25-40 ft. switch hands and carry it back. Do side-steps same distance and back.= 1 set for 5 min.
2- Cone ladders (you know what those are) =1 set for 5 min.
3- Bosu-15 toe touches or side steps, sprint back 20 feet, 15 jumping jacks= 1 set for 5 min.
4- Jump over a tight rope (1 ft off ground) 15 times while holding a medicine ball, then 15 squat throws with the ball = 1 set for 5 min.
5- Cowbell (kettle weights?) side lunge while raising and lowering bell. 5 min.
6- Jump Rope for 5 min.
7- Sprint 20 feet, rest 10 sec., sprint back, rest 10 sec. = 1 set for 5 min.
8- Rope ladder on ground. jump in then out on each section of ladder, up then back down= 1 set for 5 min.
9- 15 male push-ups then 20 jumping jack squats = 1 set for 5 min.

We did each station once, plus after doing 2 or 3 stations, we ran a couple of laps around the school front parking lot. Oh. My. Goodness. if it weren't for the fact that I'm liking the exercise, I don't think I would have done this. I thought we were going to run snowbasin, that's the only reason I did this. But Sheila found out we weren't and I still said I'd go. I think I slept really well that night, once I was able to sleep. I really need a better way to get pictures of these things to post them. I think people might really like them.


La Ferrovia

This a nice little Italian Restaurant on 25Th Street in Ogden. It has some delicious food. Stephen had their Lasagna and I had Cannelloni. I have never had that before and thought it was wonderful. Stephen enjoyed his lasagna and was stuffed after eating it. I had to bring half of mine home. It was too much to eat at one sitting. They have other things like make your own pizza, calzones, and other pasta dishes. It was terrific. The atmosphere of the place it wonderful and it seems to be kid friendly. We truly enjoyed our time there and had a wonderful dinner. I highly suggest you go there. They have very decent prices and excellent food. The address is 243 25Th street. Parking is along the street or behind the building with a cute entrance there as well. Enjoy!

Last week...

Last Friday, Amanda and I did a full 3 mile run. It felt. so. good! I loved the whole thing. I haven't run a full 3 in I don't know how many weeks. I just knew I could do it and it felt great. I even thought about running an extra mile until I realized Amanda needed to leave. Bummer, I really did want to keep going. I came home and no one was up. Do you know what that means? That means we ran faster than normal, for me anyway. I was home before my oldest was up for school. I was home before my hubby was up for work. I enjoyed it. I was loving it. I showered and got ready. Sent the kids off to school and I even went with girl #2 on a school field trip. It was fantastic. It was all because I had a great run that morning. How nice it was for me. This will only help me with the 5 miler on Thanksgiving morning. YAY!
The next morning, girl #1 went with me to the track to do a boot camp exercise with Amanda. I tell you, my bottom end muscles haven't hurt like that in a very. long. time. We did so many things I don't remember them all. Seriously. We did sprints(100's) and then would go back to doing something that would use a set of muscles I forgot existed. Then do another lap of sprints. I hurt all day Saturday and Sunday, but thankfully today I feel better. Thank you Amanda and I know that Lori deserves a thanks as well.
Today however, I am going with my S.I.L. Sheila to her personal trainers boot camp. It is all week, but I'm skipping out of Wednesday's activities. I'm sure I'll need the recuperation time. I am excited about it. I can't wait. It is a good thing to do it this week as Amanda will be going out of town. I am really excited to do this workout with my S.I.L. I haven't gone on any workouts with her and it will be nice to see how I do. We have run some races, but never anything like this. I'll update you all on it, you know, let you know how much I hurt during the next week. Lots of FUN!!!


Today's workout, I'm happy with it.

Today, Amanda worked my arms. It was great fun. She is a great friend who is willing to get up in the mornings, even though she is sooo not a morning person, and help me to get into better shape. We did a boot camp with dips, arm torture, bicep torture, laps and then again. and again. I did it though. and I'm proud that I did. I did beat her to the track this morning, not her fault, and was able to run a mile in 12 minutes. I was so pleased, I pushed myself again and I loved it. It was a great morning. I wasn't as cold as I thought I'd be so that was nice. My wonderful hubby did purchase some good cold weather gear for me and I appreciate it very much. I also appreciate my friends that have stuck it out with me. One friend hasn't been able to come due to pregnancy and others aren't always there, but Amanda has. It is nice. I appreciate all my friends and family. Thank you for the support!

Stephen's birthday

He is older than me finally! There are a few months we are the same age, so I can't really call him an old man without saying I'm an old gal, but for now I can.
On the day of his birthday (it was during the middle of the week,) we went to dinner at a place called Taggerts. It is has it's own exit off the freeway in a town with the same name. Exit 108 on I-84. It is a great little place. I loved being there. It is a hometown kind of place, very friendly, even for kids. The food was delicious. Stephen had a Prime Rib Sandwich with swisscheese melted on it and onion rings, he did ask for Au ju sauce and dipped his sandwich in it. It was good!!! I had their shrimp dinner. It came with a nice salad and steak fries. I thought it would be small, but it was huge! There was a ton of shrimp on my plate. It tasted wonderful. We even shared a Mint Cheesecake. The waitress even put a candle on it, but didn't sing, which was nice. Oh, it was nice to go out with my hubby and celebrate his b-day. I just love him! He is such a loving and understanding man. I'm very lucky to have him be in my life.
We celebrated with his family on Friday night. I was a little sad that only one sister and her family showed up besides his parents, but I really don't want any of my kids to get sick (chicken pox) from a cousin. The others already had plans, so they missed out on terrific pizza (from Piccolo Pizza and Pasta,) veggies, and pop. One Delicious ice cream cake from the store and lots of fun with the family. His niece made a cake for him, we used that for him to blow out the candles. It was really cute. Two of our children gave him Lego sets, and of course he had to put them together that night. It was great. Boy #1 said he wanted to get his dad some Lego's for his birthday so the he(boy #2) could play with them. Good fun had here at home.
We will celebrate with my family on Sunday. It will be a lot of fun also. Stephen will get to grill the meat for his own b-day dinner. How fun is that! We both come from large families so we have to celebrate things separately. We will have a great time with everyone who will be there. I'm hoping that my sister will not have her baby by tomorrow, I can wait for Monday but she can't. She's READY! We'll just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.


This Mornings workout

After this mornings workout, I really believe the title to my last post. :o Thank You Amanda!
It was so intense and almost unbearable. Don't ever ask me to do that again! ;}


I think my friend likes to make me hurt a little bit.

My friend Amanda has been training me. She is the captain of our team for the Wasatch Back. She told me at the beginning of the summer that I don't get the winter off. She has been working me at a high school track doing speed training and also some weight training. Let me remind you, I did ask for her help.
A few weeks ago we sprinted 100 meters, jogged 100m, sprint again, jog again for two laps. That was fine I didn't hurt so bad. The next day was a good run of 3 miles. Again not so bad, it went like this for a time. Once we had to run a miracle mile, I've already written about it earlier.
I swear she is getting these ideas for workouts from a semi-crazy (but love what she's doing) runner friend from Atlanta. I think they are ganging up on me;}
That is when I decided that I really have to commit to it. Remember, I asked for this. Last week, Thursday to be exact, we did some weight training at the track after doing a mile jog. I hurt until Monday morning. I didn't think I could pick up my son. Oh. My. And she had us do more stuff the following day plus a 3-4 miler on Saturday.
You know, she isn't a morning person. She hates getting up as early as we do.
I really appreciate her efforts in helping me, but I get the feeling that sometimes she gets a little pleasure out of seeing me want to stop. She is really a great friend who is always telling me to keep going, I'm doing great. This week we did a speed training on running a mile. I think I did okay on my times. 2 laps 5 min. 30 sec. 1 lap 2 min. 23 sec. 1/2 lap 1 min. 4 sec. By the way, I beat the goals she gave when running this.
Then I had to run a mile as fast as I could. I did it in 11 min. flat. I felt great! It was 11 minutes! I think my normal mile is 14 minutes. I was so happy. Remember, I asked her for it, and I'm happy I did. She doesn't like to see me in pain. I know that. I just give her a hard time.
Up next, Thanksgiving Morning 5 mile race. I'm getting ready for it.
Oh yeah, don't forget running up snowbasin with my sister. OUCH that's gonna hurt.


Two-Bit Street Cafe'

This is a nice little place. It's address is 126 1/2 25Th Street. Just a little East from Wall Ave. Stephen and I went to eat there on Friday. It was fabulous. I loved the way it is decorated, with old fashioned items and pictures and other things. It is really a down to earth place. Stephen has been there before with his previous work for a "Pizza Friday" and he really enjoyed it. So, he has been trying to take me places that he's gone for lunch with other people so I can say "Yay or Nay." We hadn't planned on going, but needed to run a quick errand out that way, and we needed to eat. The food is absolutely delicious. I had ordered a Turkey and Cranberry sandwich with kettle chips and water. It was wonderful. The bread had cranberries in it and there was this sauce-I think it was some sort of cheese-that was just to die for. Oh My! I want to go back just for this sandwich. Stephen ordered a Philly Swiss. Something that he is always wanting. I know he enjoyed his food. We even had dessert! Beer Bread and a few scoops of Rocky Road ice cream. Oh, you'll love the bread, it is good!
So while we were eating our great food, a waitress got out her guitar and started to sing. Her voice warmed up after about 2 songs and she really got comfortable and let it loose. She has a great voice. Kadee Kotter is her name. She really entertained us. She spoke with us and asked questions. She did a very good job. It has got to be hard to get up in front of people and sing and play an instrument, something she did very well. So, if you're ever looking for a place to go eat, whether it be lunch or dinner-they probably do breakfast too, try The Two-Bit Street Cafe' at 126 1/2 on 25Th Street. Just a few doors East of Wall Ave. I believe you'll enjoy it. Make the best of everything!


I little bit about me

I thought it'd be fun to post somethings about myself, for those of you who sorta know who I am. I received this list of questions from a friendly e-mail.
What is your occupation right now? Domestic Goddess (stay-at-home-mom)
What color are your socks right now? Blue
What are you listening to right now? The Clothes Dryer
What was the last thing you ate? Bottle Caps candy.
Can you drive a stick shift vehicle? But, of course.
How old are you today?32
What is your favorite sport to watch on T.V.? I don't watch enough T.V. for it to make a difference, but I like to watch soccer.
What is your favorite drink? Water!!!!
Have you ever dyed your hair? 2 or 3 times only.
Favorite food? As long as I get a break from cooking, it's anything my husband, children, or a chef makes for me.
What is the last movie you watched? Pitch Black
Favorite Holiday of the year? Two-Christmas and Halloween
How do you vent anger? I try to exercise it out, but mostly yell. Pathetic really.
What was your favorite toy as a child? I don't recall having many.
What is your favorite season? Autumn and Spring. They are perfect running weather
Cherries or Blueberries? Blueberries
When was the last time you cried? Reading a book, about a week ago.
What is on the floor of your closet? Carpet.......Shoes, Boxes of stuff.
What did you do last night? Many things: soccer practice, take a child to babysit at a friends house, and took family to get kid cones at Arctic Circle, Sleep.
What are you most afraid of? Currently, hurting my legs so I can't run. Previously, losing any of my family members, especially my hubby.
Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburgers? Cheese please?!
Favorite dog breed? Labrador retriever.
Favorite day of the week? Sunday, the day of rest.
How many states have you lived in? One.
Diamonds or Pearls? Either or both, I don't mind.
What is your favorite flower? Red Roses mostly, but I like daisy's also.

So I hope you have learned a little bit more of what I like. Maybe you can come up with more questions?


Miracle Mile, ya ever heard of it?

This morning I met up with Amanda and Katrina to work out. Not such a bad morning for it either. To me, it was a little warm, but hey that's okay for now. So a miracle mile is this: Jogging laps around the track completing a mile. While on the sides with bleachers or stairs, you go up and down, the whole distance of track. Up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down. You get the picture. It was more difficult because of the lighting. There wasn't a lot.
Let me tell you, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Until tomorrow morning comes and I can't move my legs. I was very slow in doing it, but I don't hurt like I thought I might. I really kind-a liked this workout. I really did! Now, I just need to speed it up. We'll see what tomorrow brings...


Run, run as fast as you can...

Man I wish I could say that! I had a 5k to run last Saturday in Sugarhouse. It was in honor of the American Heart Association. I ran with two of my sister-in-laws. They are fast. One finished in 33 min. the other I think 35. Me not so good. I'm a little disappointed with my time. With every race I've done this year, I have gotten faster. This race 38:45. My only excuse is that this race course had two hills you had to run twice. Not a very good excuse, but I will get better. By the way, the s.i.l. that finished in 33 min.-she ran the last 100 meters with me, while yelling at me the whole time, "Carla run faster, move your feet. Come on!" I replied "Shut Up!" but I did sprint the last 100 meters. She is a junior running Nazi, but one I'm greatful for.
In honor of that, my friend, Amanda, who I'll not call a running Nazi just yet-but almost, is going to help me with speed/strength training and hills. I'm greatful for Amanda. She is now just the go getter. She came home from visiting her bff in Atlanta and is now just like her. She doesn't like mornings, but you almost wouldn't know it. That's right. 5:30 a.m. speed runs and strength training. Three times a week. Plus a long run on Saturdays before soccer games. I'm just glad I'm not alone in doing this. Amanda has brought a friend to train also. Melanie, you need to come with me so I can make it. Aaah!
Just kidding, it's not bad and I told Amanda, I need this. I want it. I will work for it. Don't let me stop and be a baby. If I puke, then I puke. I need to get my body into shape. I'm guessing it's going to go a lot faster now that there is a schedule. I am excited for this. I do really want it and I'm not going to let myself stop me from doing it. I need to push myself further to be faster.

So, I've been sorta busy...

But not really. Lets see, School has started and I'm enjoying the time that Boy #2 and I get to spend. A few weeks ago we visited with Amanda and Max, boy #2 was so excited, but he didn't know who Max was. He kept saying "Maaa"-imagine a sheep baaa-ing- over and over. (Now anytime we get ready for the day he thinks were going to se Max. He keeps saying his name over and over. I need to get him back over there to visit again.) We spent a good part of the day with them and then headed home for naptime. My favorite time of the day, is when boy #2 goes down. It's so quiet in my home. That is when I either a) get my nap, or b) read a great book-Catching Fire-, or c) both. What wonderful times.
Today the little thing thought he was so funny. I'm watching my nephew and they were playing while I was finishing getting ready for the day. My nephew runs up the stairs and says "Aunt Carla? (Boy #2's Name) is getting all the towels out of the bathroom." I'm confused, so I run downstairs with my nephew to see what he meant. My little boy #2 has unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper and he's rolling around, running around, spreading it everywhere, and not just giggling- but laughing the entire time. I can't get mad. I just run upstairs to grab the camera and then help him clean it up after. Pictures will be coming.
So, right now, both boys are asleep for naptime. I'm taking some me time.


Spring Cleaning

So I haven't done mine till this week. While the kids are in school and I haven't anyone home but the youngest, I have been able to gut out the boys' room, clean out the game and storage closet, scrub (and I mean scrub) the kitchen floor, and clean the front room carpet. I am so lucky. I have finally put the Easter holiday stuff away-it was all over the upstairs, baskets, eggs, pictures. UGH! I have gone through Boy #2's clothes and have them ready for friends or the D.I. I have cleared out the bottles from the cupboards and girly blankets to give to a sister-in-law due to have one in Oct. I am still working on the girls' room, laundry, bathrooms, another two storage closets, and my own bedroom. I am de-junking my house. Finally! For those of you who are cleaning junkies, I wish you could see half of my house. I feel a little more organized. I know it's not spring anymore, but I am getting it done. I really like to have a clean house. I just wish it'd stay that way.

So...I haven't been running since Tuesday.

I haven't gone because my friend Mel, has an injured knee. I think it's due to my turtle slow running. I feel bad. I hope her knee gets better soon. I like to run, but not alone on dark mornings. It is hard to get yourself up to run when the moon is gone and the sun hasn't even peaked around any mountains. I like to run with Mel because she is so patient with me. On Tuesday, she decided we were going to sprint during our run. I was totally okay with that. I need to get faster and that was the only way we could think of to get some speed out of me. We did really well. I loved it. My muscles in my legs hated me, it felt great. I haven't felt like that in a long, long, time. I need to do this more. I need to find the confidence and strength to go alone if needs be. I need to not be afraid. Any suggestions on how to do this? anyone, anyone, anyone?
Oh my gosh! I just realized I need to get my butt running! I have a 5K in three Saturdays. Oh for the love of running, why can't I do it!? I hope to be able to improve my run. I better. No time off for laziness, sickness, school, work, or injury. well maybe injury. I need to get to work on my time!
Please if you have any suggestions for speed training or are willing to go with me and Mel at 5:30a.m. give me a call or send an e-mail. I need help. plbbbbt.


Okay, so I don't know how to post pictures with writing.

So there they are, before and afters. Aren't they so cute!?
The girls' hair was long enough to donate to locks of love. We'll get that sent in as soon as we can.

Back to School

My children started school this week. Girl #1 started 6th grade and got a great teacher. I hope she will do well in his class. She has started playing soccer with a co-ed team (yes, she did move up on purpose-coach wanted her on his team again.) Girl #2 started 2nd grade. I'm very excited for her because she does well at school. She loves art! and she loves to help the teacher whenever she can. She will start soccer soon as well. Both girls will start piano in a few weeks. Girl #2 asked me when she can quit. I told her when she's as good as her teacher. Boy #1 started kindergarten this year. He just walked into class, shook hands with his teacher after being introduced, said the pledge of allegiance, then took his seat. No tears. No goodbye mom. Nothing. He and his sisters walked home from school and were totally fine. My goodness they grow up fast.
Along with getting new school clothes, the kids got new haircuts! you saw the before...now here are the afters:

Movies recently viewed...

My husband and I have been on a movie watching binge. We borrowed a movie from my brother called Equilibrium. It was awesome. I can't describe it very well on the blog, so click on it to find out more. We also borrowed Push, Knowing, and The Day After Tomorrow. Now those all seem to be either end of the world or the overly oppressive government type of shows and they were all good, but the my favorite movie most recently viewed was The Proposal. I laughed through most of the movie. That could be because I needed to release some stress, but I truly enjoyed the show. That is a movie that is definitely going on my Christmas list. If any of you have more movie ideas for us to watch, please leave a comment. Oh, by the way, Stephens favorite of the recently viewed list was Equilibrium. I don't know why? There is a movie that Stephen would like to see, Moon starring Sam Rockwell. I don't know if it was shown anywhere in Utah, it wasn't when we looked it up. Anyone out there heard of it? seen it? know where to look for it?


Willard Bay

Some friends of ours decided to rent a boat and had invited us to meet them at Willard Bay. Stephen took the day off work and helped me get the kids ready for one great big day of fun. And it was a blast.

We met up with our friends and the switched riders on the boat. The kids seemed to have fun until it was their turn to ride on the tube being pulled by the boat. Some of them didn't care for it. Girl #1 had fun for a time, but I think she got too nervous and it made her a little sick. This was the first time our kids had ever been on a boat. Ever. (except the little canoeing we did earlier this summer.) They needed to warm up to the experience I think and we'll have to do it again. Both girls were on the tube with Stephen and he leaned forward to look at something in the water, it sent them all under. He let go, the girls hung on. They hung on for a brief time but finally let go and came up. Girl #2 was crying. Girl #1 was coughing the water out but was okay. Girl #2 asked when we were going back to shore. Stephen was still on the tube, so Allen had Girl#2 help him drive to try and knock Stephen off the tube.
Stephen and I got on the tube together and I'll tell you, it was my first time as well. It was hard to hold on to the handles and to make turns and deal with water in your face.Constant water in your face. But, I did enjoy it. The first time you fall off, it hurts. The second time your body goes numb, the third time you learn to land on your back so you can skip across the water and then go under.

I did go by myself, I tried 3 times and I fell off 3 times. That is why I have decided that you need to land on you back to skip across the water. It was fun. After everyone on the boat with us went, we started going ashore. We let my 4 kids sit on the tube and be towed quietly and safely in to the shore, where there were many friends waiting their turn to be thrown off the tube and wake board. I still had a lot of fun and went back out two more times and fell every time.

I feel like my body has gone through a washing machine and I did it on purpose.
My body aches. It hurts. I did sunburn a little but that pain is gone now. My pain is in my muscles, joints, neck, everywhere. I didn't notice it until we went to bed last night, but I feel every bit of it today. When we laid down for bed and I closed my eyes, I felt like I was still on the boat, on the water just rocking away. I think it made me feel a little sick. We have some pictures, but not the best ones of my falling off and skipping across the water or rolling twice before I went under, but I'll post them as soon as I can.

We truly did have fun while we were there and it is something that we hope to experience again. We had hobo dinners at the end of the day along with some delicious salads. It was terrific end to a fabulous day. The kids slept very well. and the kids were not burnt as badly as they have been before. They had very little burning at all. It was great. Thank You Marlene and Allen and family for one very great and exciting day. We are very grateful for our friendship with you!


So, I'm a little saddened.

Well due to some financial challenges, I have decided against the Wasatch Woman's 5k/10k run. Stupid money. Why do we need it? My friend also has decided against going. Maybe if is was for some sort of charity or something I could rationalize it, but not right now. I am signed up for the 5k in Sept. That race is for the American Heart Association. I think there are a few going that day in different places for the same thing, but I will be at Sugarhouse Park that day.
Also, I thought I ran for a full 4 miles today. I was wrong. When I google-earthed the trail we used we ran for only 3.86 miles instead of a full 4 miles. I was sadly disappointed when I realized it. I will run further next time. I was also sad because we did that in only 50 min. We started running at 5:47 a.m. and got back by 6:37a.m. so sad. I did however, run the entire thing, no breaks. I will keep going though!
Stephen ran with Mel and me today. Man! he can run. Fast. He did help me to realize that he has just started out, where as I have been doing this since March I think? He had to keep stopping, but if he keeps going like this, he'll whomp me. It is hard for the two of us to run together because of our differences in running, but he's glad that Mel comes with me so I'm not alone. I like to run/jog. It is good fun. I get to be with people who are only trying to help me do better. What good friends and a terrific hubby. I like it.


I've been committed.

Or at least I should be.
I've written about the Ragnar Relay-Wasatch Back race a few times in past posts. I have finally been committed to it. I paid my fee to my friend today. She put her stamp of committal on it. I have a lot of work to do, but I will do what I can for the team. There will be future posts about it I'm sure, but for now, I think I'm just a little bit nuts. The run is 188 miles long from Logan to Park City. A 12 person team. That averages 15-16 miles per person unless someone wants to take on more. It all happens within 30 hours. We each get to run 3 times within that time period. The picture below is from my friends race she did in June. I thought it was fitting for this post. That is where I'll live for that time period. In a car with 5 other terrific people. What was I thinking? I know what I was thinking, and it will be a fabulous race.


Yay Me! I did it again.

I haven't been running since July 23 due to a stupid toothache/mouth ache (thankfully no cavities!) and only went hiking with Stephen last Sat. On Wed. the 29Th, my sister-in-law sheila asked me to run a 5k with her this Saturday. I said yes, she said to herself "oh crap" (she was only joking-she told me after the run.) I feel great. I ran all my miles, very slowly, but finished in 37:59. I was so excited! That is almost a full 3 min. faster than my last run on July 4Th! (shy by 9 sec.) WOO HOO!!! Can I give myself a pat on the back? Yep, I think so. Just think how much faster I will be by the time I run the Turkey Trot in Syracuse in November! Yeah, I will at least be running it in 35 min. I'm so excited. I have another run on the 22ND of Aug. in Sugarhouse. I have one on the 12Th of Sept. in Sugarhouse. I need to find a run for Oct. Anybody know of one? I am loving it! See ya out there folks! I might just whizz by ya.


Happy 12 Years to us!

On Saturday the 25th of July, we celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. (11 years from Temple sealing) We celebrated it the way we started out, with a child. Just not pregnant. The three older kiddies went to Tooele to spend the weekend with their cousins, so we had boy #2 with us. On Saturday morning we hiked Waterfall Canyon. It was a good hike, I truly enjoyed it. For those who know me, know I hate hiking.
I had fun with Stephen and the babe, whom Stephen carried on his back all the way up. We took Jake the dog with us and he was protective of us as always. I carried the water, snacks, diapers, phone, camera. It was fun. I didn't complain near as much as I used to nor did I stop as much. I am running with a team in the Ragnar Relay, so I need to do more hikes and hills. This is why I chose to hike for our anniversary.
On the way down, Stephen's knee's started giving him pain, a lot of pain. About half-way down, I started running down the trail so I could go back and help Stephen with the babe. I got to the car and dumped my stuff. I ran back up the trail and before I even got to the part with a sign, here comes the hubby and the babe walking slowly towards me. I tried to be fast so I could help, apparently I need to work on it. We were able to make it down with out any problems thankfully! I didn't have to carry Stephen down the hill!
Afterwards, we went to 7-Eleven for Slurpee's. YUM! We went home stretched, showered, got ready to go out. We ate dinner at my new favorite place, The Texas Roadhouse. Oh I like that place. Very, Very good food! boy #2 also enjoyed his time there. We had fun just the three of us. Our children had fun with their cousins and got to spend some good time with them. We ran some errands, then came home to watch a movie. I still haven't got to finish it yet. I want to though. From what I did see, the movie is awesome. You'll have to watch it sometime. Equilibrium. I will finish it tonight.
All in all, we had a wonderful anniversary. I didn't think we'd be doing anything at all for it, but Thanks to my sister-in-law Anne for planning on the kids being with them, we got to celebrate.
I am so much in love with my husband. I really appreciate and love all he does for me and for our children. He is the one who insists I stay home with them. I love that about him. YAY! for terrific husbands!
On a side note- I am running another 5k this weekend. I like it! I like it! I do! My sister-in-law Sheila suggested it. Since the hubby and the oldest three will be back packing, I might as well! We'll see how I do during this run. I hope better than the last one.


So, I did it!

I ran a full 3 miles without stopping! I was so excited, but out of breath to really show it. A big high 5 to Mel and that was all I could really do. I hope tomorrow is as good as today. This is the first time I have ever run that long without stopping. EVER! I didn't even run like this in Junior High or High School. I am now feeling some of it in my knees and ankles but so what. I am a runner! YAY!
When I got home, I stretched out, said goodbye to Mel, then ran upstairs to tell my hubby. He was asleep but he mumbled a congratulations or good job. I think. When he was more awake, he said I could probably out run him. I don't know about that yet, but one day. (evil smirk)
From my girl #2: Say "Ellie's Elegant Elephant" five times in a row as fast as you can. It's hard.


I realized something..

I realized something this morning. I got up at 5:45, a little later than usual, and thought to myself, I don't want to do this. I got dressed, kissed my husband, stretched out and went running. I ran three miles with only little breaks in there. I was thinking about what I'd said to myself earlier. I don't want to do this? Yes I do. I like running. I like that I'm trying to make myself a better, healthier person by doing this. I realized I didn't want to stop as soon as I normally do. I ran a mile before anything on my body got tired. Why would I say that? I don't want to do this? I realized that I don't want to do this alone. I like to run with my friends. I like to run with my hubby even if he's saying to me "take a bigger step" "I would get tired too if I took too small of steps".
Side Note-I love him and it's only because he is so not a morning person. He likes to get up at 8 a.m. don't ask him to wake up earlier for exercise. "He just has longer legs than me" is my usual thought as I ignore him. He is a good man who tells me I can now outrun him. We'll have to see about that, but truly he means all the best and is honestly trying to help me when he can.
I miss when my friends are unable to go, but I really enjoy having them there talking to me. I can't run and talk at the same time so I love to listen to them, secretly hoping they're running out of breath. tee hee.
Side Note- I have been taking girl #1 with me to just run a mile. Just so she can see and feel the importance of exercise. I think she knows and in about a year or two she'll be running a marathon I swear! But by then I can get girl #2 out with me to run. I like having kids that are able to do this with me.
I was able to run my miles in about 41 min. not too shabby for this old flabby. I will increase my speed and decrease my time. I need to and want to. Until I get to where I want to be, I'll just keep on runnin'. See you people out there!

Bear Lake and Family Reunions

We left Friday afternoon for Bear Lake. I am amazing at packing up the vehicle. I don't think Stephen would've done any better. pat,pat. We headed up there for a reunion. It happens every year during the same weekend in July. We were able to have a cabin to stay in, which was so gorgeous it was almost unreal. We shared it with Stephen's grandparents, parents, siblings and their families. We had a blast. Saturday after the reunion we hit the lake. It was Packed! the water level was higher, and it was fun. Stephen did metal detecting while at the lake and the kids enjoyed the water. We had alot of fun. Stephen went back the next day to do more detecting so he took the kids with him. I got to relax back at the cabin while boy #2 slept. It was a fun relaxing weekend. I was able to run on Saturday morning. I only did a mile, but half of it was uphill. ya-ouch! I really, really need to work on running hills. Coming back up took twice as much time as going down. We did enjoy ourselves though and had a great time. We got to spend a lot of time with family and the kids were able to have their relationships with their cousins grow. We came home on Monday and are back to our routine again. I miss the lake, wish we lived up there.


Last week we took our kids canoeing. It was fun! If you need an idea for a cheap activity with your family do it. We went to Fort Buenaventura and rented a canoe for half an hour. Cost $3. We paid for those of us that are over 5 years old. Cost $1 each. We got the boys and girls all life jacketed up, put boy #1 in front of me, girl #2 behind me, girl #1 and boy #2 by each other at the bar in the middle of the canoe. We had fun, Stephen tried to scare them a little bit (which he succeeded at) by rocking the boat. After about 15 min. we docked the boat and switched places, I was now the one steering. Ummm? I learned out to do it. It was fun. Eventually, when the littler ones are older, we will rent two and have races. I need to work on my arms! The kids were able to relax after the first ten min. and they enjoyed the rest of the ride. We did let them try to paddle at the front. They wanted to help me, thought I might need it.
After our half hour was up, we docked the canoe and walked around the fort area. The kids loved it. This was an awesome FHE activity. It was great. Lots o'fun

Scout Camp and Metal Detecting

So, my hubby was gone for one full week. He had gone off to Scout camp. I dropped Stephen off at the Scout Masters home on a Monday morning at 4:30 a.m. They arrived safe and sound several hours later at Camp Loll. It's close to Yellowstone in case your wondering. He had fun and helped the boys try to get badges and he also encouraged the boys to make it to all meetings, not just the mandatory ones. He loves scouting, it's helped him throughout his own life. The food was great, the scout master is a terrific cook. Stephen is learning from him.
Half-way during the week there was a hike Stephen had to go on with the boys. It was 16 miles round trip. It should be easy, right? Well it should be easy for someone who runs or hikes consistently. Well, Stephen doesn't do either. He was hobbling when he got back to camp. Both knees swollen, finding the best way down any hill is going backwards. Poor man. I feel for him. He was able to tough out the rest of the week. Everyone came home safe and sound on a Saturday and that's when I got to tease him. Poor thing, life must've been hard on him. I glad he's back. Every year he goes, I realize I need him. I can't do this whole parenting thing without him.

He did try to metal detect the camp grounds, but got a lot of aluminum pull tabs from soda cans, no pocket knives, flashlights, or anything of interest. He decided to stop looking and just let things stay where they are. Or did he.
We went to Bear Lake the next weekend after scout camp. We were in Laketown for a family reunion and he was able to find his first silver coin. He was excited. He couldn't continue because of the family all over the area, but wasn't discouraged. We went to the Lake and he found his first silver piece of jewelry: a ctr ring. I believe he found that in the water. He had so much fun, he took the kids the next day and found more fun junk. If you'd like, he will email you pictures of his finds. He's all about sharing his hobby fun.
So he hasn't given it up. I'm sure we'll be out there again, he will be detecting, we-the family-will be digging or playing.


Running....How do I put this?

I wasn't born to be a runner. That is a fact, but just because it's a fact doesn't mean I can't change that. I signed up to run a 5k race on July 4Th in Riverdale. It was fun. I ran with my sister-in-law Susan and her boyfriend Nate for about the first 30 seconds. Then they were gone. I blame it on their age and the fact I didn't run for two weeks before the race. They are young people, under 30 and have always been doing some kind of running. According to Nate, his parents have had him running a mile a couple times a week since the sixth grade. Huh? I wonder if Daughter #1 should be doing that. I think we'll start next week with her.
So, I was able to run the 5k in 40 min. 50 sec. that is 21 sec. faster than the 5k I ran in May. That is still good. I am pleased, and sore. I will run a 5k in less than 35 min. someday. I plan on running the Ragnar Relay with my friend Amanda. I will run it. I will do better than ever. (I'm just convincing my self=})I'm very excited to run it. It's something I want to say I have done.
In August, my friend Mel will be running a 10k, and has asked me if I want to do the 5k. I probably will. It's always fun to run. In September my sister-in-law Anne has a walk or run and then in November my sister-in-law Susan wants to run on Thanksgiving morning.
To those I have been running with and will race with, I apologize right now that I.am.slow. I'm sorry. I will get faster though. Amanda and Mel have told me I will. I'm one of those runners, who, if stops for even one week, it takes two to get back to normal.
Oh well! I will become a better, faster, more proficient runner than I have ever been. I remember in junior high, we had to run the mile in p.e. I think I did it in under 8 min. I was young back then and could do it. Right now it takes anywhere from 10 to 13 min. I would like to change that to 9 min. per mile, 10 if there is a huge hill. I love to run now. I feel great when I go. I just keep pluggin' along. I feel strong and the best thing is, I feel healthy. Like I might be around for a long time for my kids. They are a partial reason to my running. i want to be here for them. I want them to have a mom who will play outside and will go on hikes with them and will be there at the soccer games cheering them on.
Maybe my hubby will join us in the mornings? Anyone else want to join us? We love company. My good friends are very supportive and willing to help. I just love them for it. They are great people and can keep up with each other. Love them all.


Sick Family

I hope you all are having a really great time this summer and are all healthy. As I mentioned in the last blog, we went camping, came home early in the rain and still enjoyed ourselves while there. When we came home girl #2 and boy #2 were fevering. No church for them the next day, which happened to be Father's Day. Stephen, being the wonderful father that he is, stayed home with them. That evening, boy #1 started to fever. Oh boy, will there be a break? No. I took all three of them to the doctor's the next morning and here is the break down (a few days worth) of what happened after the visit:
  • Girl #2 has a fever of 100.7, strep test comes back +. Ugh.
  • Boy #1 has a fever of 100.7. the nurse checks again 100.7, strep test comes back -, but sending in to be cultured. uuuhhh? He is feeling great by the next day and up to his usual teasing and other mischievousness. Not sick anymore. YAY!!!
  • Boy #2 has a fever of 100.8, strep test comes back -, being cultured but has an ear infection, so needs drops. We think that his ear possibly burst at an earlier time and turned disqustingly black inside his ear drum area.
That night Stephen is feeling terrible, fever, headache, tired, fever. He goes is in the next morning to find out the rapid strep test for him is neg. but they're going to treat for strep anyway. It's his fault, he drank from girl #2's soda can. He comes home sleeps all day and night. Next day, he goes back in for an appointment that was all set up for a scouting physical. They do another type of test. INFLUENZA. right up the nostrils to make him cry. The strep culture from the day before and this new test come back +. Double UGH. The doctor request my visit. I'm healthy as can be, with the exception of asthma, so the doctor puts me on an anti-viral for flu. I don't like that little pill. By the afternoon we find out boy #2 also has strep throat and put him on an antibiotic.

Okay, so I have half my family sick, the other half bored out-of-their-minds-because-no-one-is-going-anywhere-to-infect-other-people-because-mom-said-so. Including me at this point. We go into the rest of the week with Stephen finally getting better by Friday evening, the other two are feeling okay, but still no one is going anywhere to disrupt other people's lives. That's just not fair to other people. Especially the ones I know and see. Their kids don't give crap to mine. I'm just trying to help everyone out.

So now we come to Sunday evening, the kids are going to bed and Girl #1 starts crying, and crying, and complaining about her ear. She has been stuffy for about a week. I figured why not take her to the doctor seems as she's been left out. She has an ear infection, which-if you didn't know- if you put heat on the ear, it's possible to have some fluid drain out of the ear and onto the heat pad you, as mom, have set up for her. We live and we learn.

So, I am very happy to say that we are all on the mend and expect to be leaving the house by Thursday or Friday to get out! I am also running a 5k on Saturday, but haven't been running for two weeks due to the above mentioned crap. I will write about the run after it has passed. We'll see how I do.


Metal Detecting and Camping Oh My!

Just so everyone knows, my husband has a fairly new hobby of metal detecting. He loves it. It takes time, patience, and a good wife to let him go out to the parks with the kids while he looks for money and other little trifles. He has asked if he can post on the blog, I told him to do it because it is a family blog. He has been doing this since mid-October I think, and has collected over $20 in different change and other bits and bobs that are unique and interesting. He would love to detect peoples older yards, looking for siver items. This last weekend we camped in Morgan at their Lions Club lodge. He only did a small section of grass close to the parking area and found over $3 in change. Not bad for one day. He enjoys it. I like for him to be happy, he deserves it!

We came home from camping a day earlier than usual, which turned out to be terrific. Our bedding had been rolled up and ready to pile in the car when it started to downpour. Oh My GOODNESS! I'm glad we were leaving, everything would have been soaked if we weren't. Our dumb tent started leaking! What a day. It rained for most of Saturday. YUCK! It was still a good thing we left because three of my four kids ended up having fevers at some point on Sunday. Poor girl #2 has strep throat, Boy #1 has something but the doctor isn't sure, and Boy #2 has a wicked looking ear canal and has to have drops put in. Thank goodness girl #1 is feeling just fine. She has always been terrific to help me with the younger ones. I love my kids. I feel bad most of them are sick. UGH! it's summer and they can't go outside. Poor things. Hopefully they will be better by the weekend. I hear it will be raining again...uh, what are they going to do? Better luck next week is all I'm hoping for.


My Husband

What a great guy! Last night we went on a date. It was terrific. I thought we were just going to dinner but, first we went to Fort Buenaventura. I had no clue what we were going to do there. He starts walking towards the pond/lake, he pays our fee (which, btw, is only $1 per person and $3 for canoe rental,) walks to the shed with the oars and life preservers. At first I didn't know what he was thinking. I haven't been on any kind of a boat for really long time. So, I was very scared. I get into the canoe with my oar, and we start going around. Everytime the boat was rocked by any little movement, I was scared and kinda froze in my seat. By the time our thirty minutes were up I did enjoy it. We just paddled around and talked and watched the fish mate. Very romantic. Seriously though I did have fun. We plan on taking the kids. The water isn't very deep, so no worries.
After our little canoeing event, we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Can I just say this is one of my very favorite places to eat now. I loved the food. Their rolls are freshly made and the honey/cinnamon butter is delicous. Stephen had their prime rib, they offer raw horseradish and regular. He loved both. Everything there was great. We even ate the small onion blossom. Terrific! I love food. I truly enjoyed this eating experience.
By this time we only had a little time left to actually finish the errands that we needed to finish before we could go to bed. We are going camping this weekend and needed some food and to finish off gifts for Father's Day. Lots of fun! Have a great weekend!