This Weekend...

We had a fun, yet busy weekend. Most of this was Saturday. In fact I believe it all was on Saturday.
We ran in the ward 5k! All of us. well most of us. one of us got to ride in the stroller, but, he's only 3. Girl #1 ran it in 35 minutes!!!! Boy #1 was right behind her with 35 and half. I was right behind them with 37 minutes!!! I felt great and I loved that my family did this with me. Sorry, but no pics., we forgot the camera. Girl #2 started out the same, but she kinda gave up when the other two wouldn't let her catch up. Stinkers! She did come in before her daddy I do believe, but I could be wrong-I have been before. Stephen and boy #2 came in with 47 minutes. Stephen's knee went out on him again. We tried running earlier in the week and he did ok up to 3 miles, but then we had to walk out the rest of our run. Poor guy, I feel for him.
We then hustled home to grab a small breakfast, Girl #1 went to a young Women's service project we were off to Boy #1's soccer game. They won, but who's really counting at this age! He played his heart out and he didn't have any asthma problems!!!! I'm so grateful for that. I just love the little guy!
Then we were off to a Ragnar Team Picnic! We had so much fun. Stephen got to play with the metal detector and the kids got to play on the playground. I got to talk with some wonderful peeps!

Then off to the wonderful and spiritually lifting General Relief Society meeting! I went with my M.I.L. and we ate dinner at her stake house and watched the meeting there. None of her daughter's were able to make, but we all try to when we can. I heard what I needed at this meeting. Sister Beck's talk was wonderful and I needed it. It only reaffirmed that I'm doing exactly what I need to be doing right now. I really, really, really appreciate the fact that I have friends to pay better attention than I do. I really have a hard time remembering what's been said. I'm also glad that I can go online and catch what I missed.
The rest of my fam went swimming! The pool water was very warm from what I was told. They had a lot of fun and I'm glad my hubby was able to go with them. The next day, we went to church, girl #1 was set apart in a calling in young women's, we enjoyed church and the speakers, came home and did nothing really. It was soo sooo soooo nice. What a great weekend!

By the way, Stephen sorta fixed my dryer! more like put a band aid on it, so no more visits to the laundromat! Watch, it'll break for good and he'll really have to fix it, now that I've said something.


Urgh! Stupid Dryer.

So I started my laundry today and after I put the second washed load into the dryer, it went ka-put! The drum decided not to roll around so the clothes would dry, instead, it decided to smoke up the inside of the dryer. Urgh! Frustrating!!!! I called Stephen and he told me to pick up a belt for the dryer. Something like this happened a year ago, not the belt, but the heating element went out on the dryer. Frustrating!!! In the meantime, I had one full weeks worth of laundry to do. I went to a laundromat. I have to say it was interesting...I have never been to one before to do my own laundry. I liked that it saved me all day, but I didn't get to finish all that I needed to here at home. It really kinda messed up my day. Both girls had soccer games at similar hours. So I pretty much missed both games. I had to get the grocery shopping done, so that took up time and girl #1 was late for her game. Then the 3 youngest had hair cut appointments so we had to do that. My friend is sooo cool, she is awesome and super fast, especially with just trims and cuts for boys. I have had one crappy day. I hope tomorrow is better, maybe I'll even get to sleep in. Doubtful...but hopeful. I need a break, anyone want to have 4 kids, a dog and a house for a few weeks, I think that's all I'll need. Anyone, anyone? No takers? fine I'll survive somehow. I think that running will help me. I think I'll have to do just that.

5 More Minutes please?????

Yesterday morning, I woke up wanting only 5 more minutes of sleep. I got 10. Lucky me. The problem with those 10 minutes extra, my shower, getting the kids up and ready for school, making breakfast for them, and trying to make it to my in-laws for fun-filled shopping day by 9a.m. All in all it was a good day and we had a lot of fun, but man I'm beat.
The reason why??? Boy #1 has asthma. He has been having a few attacks lately. (I've been too tired to even go running in the a.m. with my friends. Sorry for bailing out.) His first attack was Thurs. at 3 a.m. we got back to bed by 4:30. (I probably should have stayed up for 1 hour, but I couldn't do it.) I took him in to his pediatrician and they gave us a cough med to give him, only I didn't get it until Saturday due to reason's beyond my control. His next attack was Saturday night. We went to Wee Care Peds. They did a little more for him. He got a steroid treatment and a prescription for steroids for a few days. We got home between 1:30 a.m. and 2a.m. because we needed his meds. Walgreen's was slammed that late at night! They were the only pharmacy we could go to. (Why aren't you people sleeping instead of getting medicines? Hello it's midnight and my son needs this stuff, but it took forever because everyone else decided the Sabbath starts when they go to bed and wake up the next day. Seriously, I was bugged.I'm done for now. I realize other people need their meds and I don't know their situation either.) We missed church, but the girls went and took boy #2 with them. Man it's been tough catching up on sleep here in this house. He's been doing sooo much better!!! I'm so relieved. We are keeping it up and he is improving everyday. I think that because it's harvest season, people are getting their garden's ready for winter and stirring things up, I cleaned out some closets, and other rooms kicking up dust, and Boy #1 may have outgrown his meds...it all combined and took it's toll on him. Poor thing. Hopefully when we see his allergist/asthma guy we can figure it all out. Cursed allergies and asthma. The smoke from the Herriman fire didn't help either. I couldn't even go running. My verbal vomit about this is done now, thanks to taking it off my shoulders.
Poor Stephen is tired too, but I make him go to work everyday, even if he's late and just wants to sleep. (picture evil smile on my face.)


Another blah....

Just trying to keep up with this and I'm not always sure what to write about. So today, here are a few things:
Last weekend, Stephen and I were asleep. The kids had all gotten up and were having cereal for breakfast. Boy #2 started choking on his cereal and Girl #1 performed the hymlich (spelling?) She learned how to do this with infants and children from two babysitting classes at the local hospitals. She saw that he wasn't crying, breathing, or trying to caugh, so, she just helped him out. I thought don't you wait a bit? Stephen said, "Heck no! it could be too late! She did a fantastic job." I think I need a refresher on these things, I simply forgot what to do. I'm so greatful she was with them when it all happened. She is amazing!
I finally went running this morning. After 6 or so weeks of not doing a single thing, I got up at 5a.m., got ready, met up with my friends, and we ran for 3 miles. They are quite impressive. They don't just stop and wait for me, they keep running. They go to a corner, turn around pass me, go to a corner turn around and pass me to take the lead again. It works out great cuz, no one is really running alone. I'm so happy and greatful that they are doing this and I get to go with them. Lesa is going to have her hand operated on this week, so I hope she makes a quick recovery.
Stephen asked me why I always start-up running (again) in the dark? Why can't I run when the sun's out? Because I don't know, I can't answer him. Fall is the perfect time for running, so, sorry honey, I can't answer that question at all. I'm jus happy to be back!



I actually cooked a turkey yesterday! I have never, in 13 years of marriage or 33 years of life, cooked a turkey. I always thought it would be the hardest thing to ever do, so let's always go to mom's for turkey dinner. Lazy right? uh, yeah. We had leftover potatoes and carrots and salad from a roast I made earlier in the week so that part was done. Oh, and jell-o. I got some Rhodes Rolls out of the freezer in the morning, so we had "fresh" rolls with our delicious turkey dinner.
I thought it was a bit dry, but Stephen said it was perfect. I think he was being nice, but for my first time I think it turned out good. Stephen told me before that the key to a good turkey is cook it upside down, on the breast, so I did. It must work because he and all the kids ate it. So now I know I can cook a turkey for something sometime, let's just hope it's not for a huge family dinner, with my luck it will burn on the outside and be frozen on the inside.
(While I was typing this up, boy #2 crawled onto my lap, started sucking his thumb and fell asleep. He hasn't done this for a long time, usually only when he's sick. I hope that's not it. I love it! so much for getting anything else done today.)


It's Soccer Season!!!#1

Hello and welcome back to sports talk! Just kidding, I wouldn't know what the heck that is since we only watch free public t.v.
Boy #1 played his first game of the season. They didn't win, but hey that's ok. He did however have fun. That's the best reason to play. He worked hard and almost made a couple of goals. He is a funny boy and I sure do love him. He is such a good boy, just love my kiddo's. These pics aren't the best, but hey, it's sports and I had my camera on the wrong setting. See ya!!!

Blah....Just emptying out my thoughts

This post is sort of an update-y thing.
Thursday at Book Club we talked a little bit about Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. It is a really good book, but eh, I like romance in my adventure like books. This one lacked a little bit. It was still good, and I know I'll re-read it several times, and I would recommend it. We also had a baby shower for one of the girls in the club. She is having her first baby after having had some struggles, so I was so excited for her. She and her hubby will be great parents.
Friday, I got to take dinner to my Bro. and S.I.L. who had a baby a week ago. I was so excited to see her again. They have a blog, and it's on my list that I like to read, titled I need some Chocolate. Their little girl is so blasted cute, I could just hold her and hold her. I may be a little biased as she is my niece, but, ya know, so what. I took them some food from a delicious place. It was so yummy looking that I planned on ordering for Stephen and me later.
I took Boy #1 to soccer practice and then to Winco. I'm not sure you really can get the best savings there, but we'll see. I plan on getting an old grocery list and receipt together & shop at Winco to see if they're any better like most people believe. I'm not sure.
Anyway, I ordered some food, dropped Boy#1 off at home, and left to pick up the food. As I was pulling out of the driveway, my hubby showed up. We left, got the food, came home, got the kids settled, then we watched Sherlock Holmes. It was really good! I was worried that I might have been bored with watching it and fall asleep, but I didn't. I really enjoyed this movie.


Yummy food and fun!!!

We went on a date a couple weeks ago and I'm just now getting to blog about it. Stephen's boss plays the lead guitar for a band named Light Vizion. Their album debut concert was couple of weeks ago and she had cornered Stephen in the hallway asking if we were going, he said we'd try. We did try and we were able to get a babysitter, ya know cuz it was in Midvale. (Man we gotta move closer to his work! Just sayin') After we dropped the kids off we headed south! We left in enough time to stop and get something to eat. We ate at a restaraunt that I'm not sure many of you have. I'll let you take a guess from the photos.....
It was super good food! and there was a UFC Championship fight that night. We didn't have to pay the cover because we didn't stay. It is in Midvale.....still thinking?.... This is a little bit of a better clue....
Yes! we ate at Hooters! I was a little apprehensive cuz of the reputation of the girls there and the ones that go there ya know, but I was starving and this was close to the freeway once we got off. Aaannnd, I haven't eaten there. Ever. Curiosity got the better of me. Ya know what? all the hype and crap that people give about this place is blah. If you think about it, it's no different from eating at Chili's or Applebee's with their waiters-waitresses having to have flair on their uniforms. Hooters flair is their uniform. Yes they are skimply dressed, but the if the guy you're with only has eye's for you, they never notice the workers. Hahaha, I wasn't worried about a thing once I walked in the door. I wouldn't take my chicadee's with me, but for a quick place to eat and some really really good food, it's not bad at all.
We were in and out in less than an hour! We headed to the Midvale Main Street Theatre. It was a nice little place. But, I have to say one of the most impressive things I've seen is the bathroom. I even took pics. They are awesome looking!

Wall murals done with pieces of mirror. It was fabulous. So creative some people can be. Sigh, jealous. I even commented to the owner, she said her daughter had her senior pics done there.
(Stephen's boss Chris DeCaria on lead guitar. She really is good!)
The concert was good! I think we were there more for the support of Stephen's boss, but she is awesome! She can play the guitar really really well. She won't even play Rock Band because she doesn't want to mess up her real guitar playing. funny huh? The band did some awesome songs, and also some political ones. I'm not that much into that sort of music artsy stuff so we just enjoyed the music sometimes and not the words. Chris was glad that many of her co-workers and wives were there, she was surprised that we came all the way from O-town. It was a good evening. I really loved being there with my hubby. He loves to do new things and see new things. We had a great time!


100th post. Wow

So I've been blogging long enough to get to 100 posts. That's cool. Man, I feel like I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to blog. So I think I'll use some bullets to help me round out our summer.
  • Ran Riverdale's 4th of July 5k-did great 33:16
  • S.i.l. got married
  • Had a couple of reunions to attend
  • Went to Bear Lake for 3 nights
  • On our way up to Bear Lake, a.c. compressor in durango went out. Cost: too darn much, but paid it anyway.
  • Celebrated Pioneer Day with my family. Sent kids to stay with cousins in Tooele for a few days. Yipee!!!
  • Celebrated 13 years of Marriage. Love my man!!
  • A s.i.l. delivered her 3rd baby. A girl. Finally, Yay!!!
  • Stephen was asked to, and did, baptize our neighbors son. I feel grateful that Stephen holds the priesthood honorably.


  • Girls camp for girl #1
  • taking the kids to a movie
  • talking the kids school clothes shopping
  • Primary activities, birthday parties, and activity days
  • Soccer. It has started. Tuesday evenings through Saturday mornings our lives will be Soccer. Plus schooll and church callings and activities.
  • Back to School night. For the Elementary kids, this was easy. Walk in. Find out who the teacher is. Meet the teacher, see the classroom. Walk out. For girl #1 though, we had to get her schedule, find her locker, try out her locker (about 30 times total while we were there), find the classrooms, meet the teachers, help her find the best ways to her classes from her locker and the other classes. It was about an hour and a half of us going through all this. Not bad though, it made her first day a breeze.
  • School started and got new vinyl flooring for kitchen. I already posted that.

Well that's a good summary of our life in the last two months, but now September has started. I don't see my life slowing down one bit. I am happy for my kids and my hubby. I love them all.

We have been blessed with a new little baby. My other s.i.l. had her little girl-finally-last week. She is super cute. I just love her. She has such pretty hair. My brother already has 2 boys and they wanted a girl so bad. In my family it seems boys out number the girls, well this newest little girl almost evened out the score, we are only down by 1. Someone else needs to take care of that though!

We had my 3 brothers celebrating a birthday, my m.i.l., and a nephew on Stephen's side. All within a week of each other. It seems like Christmas.

Hope everyone else is having an enjoyable September thus far, and that you all had a great summer.

So many blessings. So many exciting things happening. Wow, and I get to be part of it all. Love it! really I do.