I'm never doing this again!

I will never go to Young Women's girls camp the same week that I have Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back! and then to the camp ground to sleep with my husband and kids in the tent, but to begin the week I was given the opportunity to speak in my ward on Love in Marriage. I think I did okay on the talk, then got myself packed up for girls camp and sorta for Ragnar. As of today, Tuesday June 21st, I'm still mentally and physically exhausted. Just tired. I guess I should mention that I decided to paint the front room before girls camp as well, so that's kind of another thing I had going. I will be posting pics soon of camp and Ragnar, but I'll have to wait a bit. Just letting you know what we've been up to! hopefully I can get this updated soon!

Guess what?

I figured it out. I have to use Mozilla so I can publish my blogs now. Man, it's so stupid, but, at least I can now post!



I don't know why, but blogger isn't letting me post anything! I've been trying since last week. I'm so frustrated I can't stand it! Hopefully I'll be blogging again soon.



Stephen decided that the boys's hair was getting long enough for mohawks! So after school ended he pulled out the shears and cut shaved the heads of two really cute and adorable boys. I let them keep them until the day after Memorial Day. On Memorial Day, Stephen let the boys shave off his hair and Becks helped tidy it up for a mohawk. Enjoy the pics!

Did you U2?

U2. Need I say more? Thank you Stephen for a great birthday present!

Yikes!!! It's been awhile!

I participated in the Ogden Marathon Relay again this year, and I did better than I though I would. My leg was different this time, it was only 6 miles. I did my leg in 1 hour and 13 min. It may not seem much to you, but to me it does. I didn't train as hard during the winter because it seems I was always sick or the kids were. I felt great during this run. I just focused on moving my arms and legs and just going, nothing else. It was like I was just going to run until I couldn't. It was fun. Here are some pics of my team, not all of us together, but we tried. One of my friends ran the marathon and we got a pic with her-she's also on my Ragnar team. Yay!!!
I was happy and lucky to be able to do this. I loved it. I can't wait for next year. I will eventually finish the whole course.