1 Year ago, Monday.

One year ago Monday we had a clogged toilet. It was Sunday, we weren't sure what we were going to do. Stephen took the toilet off the floor and we found someone-boy #1- had flushed about half a box of diaper wipes down the toilet. I don't think it was all a once, but they just kinda caught and it built up. Well, we decided that since our toilet was off and we'd have to go to Home Depot to get a new sealant ring for the toilet, we also decided to take the old, yucky, the-"gray"water-seeped-underneath, linoleum off the cement floor. We had to remove all the floor boards and the moulding around the door. We did it that very night. We didn't go to the store, don't you all worry, we didn't really do any work at all. Stephen did patch up some holes, one of which Jake made. Apparently, if you're a puppy that's potty training, you don't like be locked in the bathroom that much. You get very bored.
Fast forward to the following Friday night and Saturday morning. Stephen didn't attend any of the soccer games in the a.m. because he had put the new linoleum, that our good friends had given us, the night before. He then put the new sealant ring on and was able to get the toilet on before we celebrated girl #2's birthday with her friends. BTW, only one-ONE, friend showed up. Oh well, she and her mom got to go roller skating with us. It was a blast!
Fast Forward to Saturday the 20Th, 2010.
Stephen put the moulding around the door, put the floor boards up, had already finished any mudding that needed to be done, and he and girl #1 put the first coat of paint on. I was delirious with joy! It was getting done! Finally! I finished painting the walls on Monday, pulled off the tape and I painted all the moulding and floor boards Tuesday a.m and p.m. I also decided that the ceiling needed new paint, so we taped it some paper so I wouldn't get the new walls with white and I went at the ceiling that night. I decided it needed another coat of paint, so Wednesday morning, I painted it again.
On Tuesday while the floor boards were drying in between paint jobs, I took a re-finisher liquid, applied it to super fine (0000) steel wool, and refinished the wooden cabinet. It looks wonderful. It still shows the scratches and dents, but hey, at least they are all the same shade. (That was my favorite part.) Wednesday night we pulled off all the tape and paper from the walls and floor. I looks wonderful. I love it. I could just sit in there for a long time. It feels nice to have it finally-F.I.N.A.L.L.Y.-finished. After one year.And a couple of days.
Next step- store a ton of our stuff somewhere by the end of next week, so I can start ripping out the carpet! I'm so gonna love it. Really, I am.
These pictures don't do it justice, you should come visit!


What a good morning!

It's 10 a.m. and my dishes are done, front room cleaned, hair done, I'm dressed, my boy#2 is dressed (has been since 7:30), beds are made-sheets washed and put back on, and my laundry is half done-only one more load to dry. I think I'm havin' one of those days again. It's been a looong time comin', yes, yes it has.
I think it's due to me waking up at O'Dark 30 and working out with the hubby. Nothing really hard on the legs-only 10 squats and almost 5 lunges before the IT Band started in. Lots of upper body and 15 min. of yoga. I think I can get used to doing this for a month until I can run again. Yep, it'll work for me.
Don't forget, in case I don't write until after the 14th, it's daylight savings time. Spring forward. We lose a precious hour. Start practicing now and it'll help you later. Ha ha ha.


Pizza and the family

Isn't it fun to do things home made. Saturday morning, Stephen went with me to get the boys new shoes and then to do the grocery shopping. He hates to shop, but he willingly went. He helped the boys pick out some shoes. They were a little more than I liked and I probably would have made them choose from the cheapest ones available. It's alright. I'm glad he came.

We went to the grocery store. While I'm pushing the cart and looking at the list knowing where I'm going and what I'm doing, he is following and talking with me. It was pretty nice. He saw some pizza dough and said, "we should make pizza some time." I said how 'bout tonight. So we purchased all we would need to make the pizza and finished shopping.

We went to the park and played and generally had a great day. When we got home we set right to work on getting the pizza made and in the oven 'cuz girl#1 has to go babysitting. I didn't get pics of the kids rolling out the dough, but my hubby finished that part. We put on the sauce and the kids did the rest. They put all the toppings we had on the pizza. WOW! that is a lot of stuff. The best part of this is that I didn't stress or freak out about how they were doing it. This was their creation. I'm quite pleased I didn't freak. Oh, but it tasted so good. I loved it. Two slices to fill ya up with some veggies and all. What a great day. We had us a good time.


What month is it again?

Oh, it's March? Already? What do you mean? Time flies when you can't go workout I guess. Oh, I remember one reason March is so important. Three words. Girl.Scout.Cookies. Oh yeah!!! Samoa's and Thin Mints. You know, these are really helping me with my whole weight loss plan. You know the one, the one I can't do for a whole stupid month thanks to my lame leg. I know, every January or February we buy 'em. We pay for 'em in March and eat them that same day! At least, that is how it used to work for me. I could eat one box of Samoa's in 20 minutes. No joke. Yeah, make ya sick right? Well it didn't then, but now, it hurts my stomach to have too much sugar or to be too full. Do you know how many calories are in a serving size of Samoa's? 150 calories. How many cookies do you get to eat? only 2! yes my friends only 2 cookies for that many calories. Do you know how many I ate yesterday? 6 friggin cookies! But that was throughout the whole day. Nice huh!? I was very pleased with myself. I did very well, not the whole box. Wahoo! Yes I'm very pleased with myself learning to control my desire for these cookies. Don't they just look yummy! I know you want some. You should get some. I just know you should. I'm sure you will find girl scouts out in front of grocery stores or on the sidewalk along Riverdale road. Just one is all you need.

Green Eggs and Ham

Last night was Boy #1's first literacy and math night at school. It was a lot of fun! He colored a Dr. Seuss hat red and white, cut it out, then we stapled a strip of paper to fit his head to the hat. He also showed me how to tell time and they made a game with a clock. It was fun. There was a program. A teacher read parts of "Green Eggs and Ham" while the students recited the not-Sam-I-am parts. I didn't have my camera with me, of course, but we enjoyed having Green Eggs, Ham, a roll and hashbrown for dinner. I didn't know if I could stomach it.
The reason being? Stephen and Girl #1 made green eggs and ham once. While I was in my first trimester of pregnancy with both Girl #2 and Boy #1. I couldn't do it. Stephen has even made green and red eggs for Christmas. I still have a hard time seeing them.
I ate my Green Eggs and Ham meal with my son. It wasn't bad if you can seperate your eyes from your fork as your bringing it to your mouth. They tasted okay too. with ketchup. One more way to make them look gross right? Yeah, that's how it goes. After dinner, Stephen and I took Boy #1 for an ice cream cone. It was fun to have a little us and him time.