Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay2011

I ran Ragnar again this year and had a fabulously, exhausting, mentally and physically draining experience. I was really super busy in June and didn't have any time for my mind to rest. With the kids out of school, I did my best to let them have fun. I was asked to give a talk in church, which I did well. Because I have a hard time getting in front of people, I decided to paint the front room, therefore taking up my time. more on that later. I went to girls camp the monday through friday before Ragnar, so I didn't get any sleep or training done. I got home, picked up the burb from my friend, went to get it decorated, went home to pack.
We left Friday morning at 10:30 and headed to Liberty, UT. I was runner 7 in Van 2. My legs of the race weren't that hard really, BUT, when you've had as little sleep as I did, and didn't get to train as hard as the year before, well, I did my best I could possibly do with the circumstances. I enjoyed the whole thing, was tired, crazy, silly, insane, sleepy, caught my second wind at the wrong times...and so on. I love my team, and they are absolutely supportive. They don't care if I can only run a 10min45sec mile. They are just glad I can finish my legs and help others. I tried to take a lot of pics and that happened the first day but not so much the second. Oh well. Enjoy!