I am so excited for Christmas!

I can't wait to see how my children react to what "Santa" brought them. I love to see their faces and the surprise and just the happy feeling they have on Christmas morning. It isn't only because they got something they liked or wanted, there is just something else about Christmas morning. They are full of pure joy, they want to share what they received with us as parents, they love to see what the others received, they are just as happy for everyone else as they are for themselves. Why can't they feel like that everyday? I wonder, how does a family live their lives, so that it feels like Christmas morning every morning? Any suggestions? I think I know a few, like read scriptures consistently with them, pray with and teach them how to pray, watch good wholesome, uplifting movies with them, read wonderful books with them. I think these things will help, but there has got to be more to it? right? Maybe showing service to others by example and teach them compassion for others will also help. That is a lot! to teach. I guess as parents we can only go day by day and do our best to teach the children these things.

Merry Christmas and have a fabulous New Year!

(and by the way, these are last years pics)


Have you Ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered what 10 dozen cookies might look like? That's One-Hundred Twenty cookies. 120. Actually, I made 144+1, but who's counting right? Well I can show you what that looks like minus one. My dog ate the other plate of cookies! Bad dog!
Oh.My. I was mad. If you look carefully, you'll see these are not the store bought cookies people buy from the bakery. I made these by myself. I didn't let the little ones help because they like to lick icing and candies off their fingers as they decorate. As these were not cookies for our home, but a party, I couldn't let them help.
I spent the night before rolling out, cutting out and baking these cute little time consumers. The next day, I spent decorating them, coming up with ideas on how to do just that with as little time spent as possible. That wasn't happening. I spent most of the day making them. Oh well, right. People enjoyed the cookies anyway and thankfully, the dog couldn't reach the other plates at all. I have learned a very important lesson. Just buy cookies!

(Not really, making them is fun and my friends all love them.)

Our cute Christmas Tree

Yay! Monday, Stephen took the 3 older kids to the tree lot and picked up a Christmas tree. I wanted one that was small and would fit on a folding table or one that was as tall as the ceiling. I didn't get what I wanted. Instead, Stephen brought home a tree too tall for the table but not to the ceiling. Hm. Oh well, I guess I'll have to go out next year. So, I spent the next day putting lights on the tree until the kids came home from school and then they put the decorations on it. Well, that is the usual thing to do. Monday, I didn't feel so good. I got the lights on the tree, but that was after the kids came home from school, just before dinner. So now it is done and has been for a few days. Boy #2, he likes the decorations. I watched him today as he spent some time going from one side of the tree to the other touching every ornament in his reach. He was very careful, but it was just funny to watch. Now. Yesterday, I was on the phone with my friend and I looked at our tree. Something was wrong. Something wasn't right. About 50 lights on a strand of 150 went out. They aren't lit. Nothing. I'm a little not happy, but I'm not about to undo the top just for those 50 lights. UGH!!! Oh well, we'll have a great Christmas without those 50 lights glowing.


Piano- Let's try again.

Yay! I tried again and it worked! This is Girl #1, my oldest. Isn't she cute. I like both my girls and I'm proud of the hard work they put in to learn their pieces. I'm really proud.

I don't play the piano, but I do play the violin. My mother and I played just last night for our ward Relief Society Christmas Party. It was a lot of fun to duet with my mom. She plays the viola and does a terrific job! I like to play with her and I love the sounds of the viola, so deep and gorgeous.


So last week our girls had their Christmas piano recital. They did an awesome job and looked so cute at the piano. I'm thankful for our friend who teaches them, she does an amazing job with the kids. She is also a great friend not only to me, but to our family as well. She did a great job with the whole little program, it was only a half hour. NICE! So I'm trying to post some video of the girls playing, I started the camera too late, so no names of songs or people on it.
okay, only one video would load, stupid dumb whatever. UGH! I hope you enjoy the music.