"Starr's" Birthday is today!!!

So I actually posted this today April 17th, 3 weeks late! Ugh where did my time go???
Starr's birthday is today, I remember her birth so well-I could have had her at home-but that's for another year. I can't believe she's nine!!! Where does the time go? I will show you, hopefully, in different pics where that time went. I've decided she's the nature loving, hiking, soccer playing, climbing, artistic, girlie girl who loves to learn. There's more I could say to describe her, I just can't think at the moment. Hopefully, you'll be able to see it all in the pics. Okay, here it is a little late, but I finally made up some groups of random pics of "Starr" and a lot of different things she enjoys!


OK, and we're back...

So yes I've been m.i.a from the blogging world, but when all you are doing in your life is nothing from the normal, it can get very boring. Well, we have been doing a lot of different things but now I can't really recall all of them.
Let's see, I'll look at a calendar to help my memory...February was so long ago...Parent-Teacher conference's went great!!!! So proud of all three of the kiddo's, they work so hard and their grades and attitudes at school show it....I took Beck's to a Best of E.F.Y. seminar, it was so much fun and I learned a lot! hopefully Beck's did too...been trying to work out, but it's been off and on for the last three months. I spent most of it being sick! soooo ready for summer and great weather to be here...Book club...Temple session with my Grandparents and my Parents for one final time at the Ogden temple before they close up for reconstruction...Bought a new car for Stephen. It's so nice! It's a 2006 Saturn Ion 3 with stick shift!!!! I love driving standard transmission vehicles, it's so much fun. His car is super sporty and goes really fast!!! I love it and it'd be very easy to get a speeding ticket, but hope to never find out...St.Patty's day...We had our youth dinner and auction last weekend, it went okay. I think people just can't donate money as much as they used to a year or two ago. We had lots of items that sold, and lots that didn't that went to the D.I. But the young women's portion was a huge amount so that will help with girls camp...New Bunk beds!!!! Stephen and I paid my Dad to make more bunk beds for us! they are so pretty. They are just like the first ones he made for us, but they are taller and have a lighter stain on them. The girls will get these ones due to the height and the boys will get the shorter ones. They slept in their beds last night and they all loved it!!!!...I just sold Stephen's Oldsmobile!!!! So stinking excited to get it out of here, sad that I couldn't get what I wanted out of it- although I probably got more out of it than just taking it to the junkyard!...Starr's birthday is coming up next week, so I be getting that post ready. Hopefully I can work on posting things more often.