I think my friend likes to make me hurt a little bit.

My friend Amanda has been training me. She is the captain of our team for the Wasatch Back. She told me at the beginning of the summer that I don't get the winter off. She has been working me at a high school track doing speed training and also some weight training. Let me remind you, I did ask for her help.
A few weeks ago we sprinted 100 meters, jogged 100m, sprint again, jog again for two laps. That was fine I didn't hurt so bad. The next day was a good run of 3 miles. Again not so bad, it went like this for a time. Once we had to run a miracle mile, I've already written about it earlier.
I swear she is getting these ideas for workouts from a semi-crazy (but love what she's doing) runner friend from Atlanta. I think they are ganging up on me;}
That is when I decided that I really have to commit to it. Remember, I asked for this. Last week, Thursday to be exact, we did some weight training at the track after doing a mile jog. I hurt until Monday morning. I didn't think I could pick up my son. Oh. My. And she had us do more stuff the following day plus a 3-4 miler on Saturday.
You know, she isn't a morning person. She hates getting up as early as we do.
I really appreciate her efforts in helping me, but I get the feeling that sometimes she gets a little pleasure out of seeing me want to stop. She is really a great friend who is always telling me to keep going, I'm doing great. This week we did a speed training on running a mile. I think I did okay on my times. 2 laps 5 min. 30 sec. 1 lap 2 min. 23 sec. 1/2 lap 1 min. 4 sec. By the way, I beat the goals she gave when running this.
Then I had to run a mile as fast as I could. I did it in 11 min. flat. I felt great! It was 11 minutes! I think my normal mile is 14 minutes. I was so happy. Remember, I asked her for it, and I'm happy I did. She doesn't like to see me in pain. I know that. I just give her a hard time.
Up next, Thanksgiving Morning 5 mile race. I'm getting ready for it.
Oh yeah, don't forget running up snowbasin with my sister. OUCH that's gonna hurt.


Two-Bit Street Cafe'

This is a nice little place. It's address is 126 1/2 25Th Street. Just a little East from Wall Ave. Stephen and I went to eat there on Friday. It was fabulous. I loved the way it is decorated, with old fashioned items and pictures and other things. It is really a down to earth place. Stephen has been there before with his previous work for a "Pizza Friday" and he really enjoyed it. So, he has been trying to take me places that he's gone for lunch with other people so I can say "Yay or Nay." We hadn't planned on going, but needed to run a quick errand out that way, and we needed to eat. The food is absolutely delicious. I had ordered a Turkey and Cranberry sandwich with kettle chips and water. It was wonderful. The bread had cranberries in it and there was this sauce-I think it was some sort of cheese-that was just to die for. Oh My! I want to go back just for this sandwich. Stephen ordered a Philly Swiss. Something that he is always wanting. I know he enjoyed his food. We even had dessert! Beer Bread and a few scoops of Rocky Road ice cream. Oh, you'll love the bread, it is good!
So while we were eating our great food, a waitress got out her guitar and started to sing. Her voice warmed up after about 2 songs and she really got comfortable and let it loose. She has a great voice. Kadee Kotter is her name. She really entertained us. She spoke with us and asked questions. She did a very good job. It has got to be hard to get up in front of people and sing and play an instrument, something she did very well. So, if you're ever looking for a place to go eat, whether it be lunch or dinner-they probably do breakfast too, try The Two-Bit Street Cafe' at 126 1/2 on 25Th Street. Just a few doors East of Wall Ave. I believe you'll enjoy it. Make the best of everything!


I little bit about me

I thought it'd be fun to post somethings about myself, for those of you who sorta know who I am. I received this list of questions from a friendly e-mail.
What is your occupation right now? Domestic Goddess (stay-at-home-mom)
What color are your socks right now? Blue
What are you listening to right now? The Clothes Dryer
What was the last thing you ate? Bottle Caps candy.
Can you drive a stick shift vehicle? But, of course.
How old are you today?32
What is your favorite sport to watch on T.V.? I don't watch enough T.V. for it to make a difference, but I like to watch soccer.
What is your favorite drink? Water!!!!
Have you ever dyed your hair? 2 or 3 times only.
Favorite food? As long as I get a break from cooking, it's anything my husband, children, or a chef makes for me.
What is the last movie you watched? Pitch Black
Favorite Holiday of the year? Two-Christmas and Halloween
How do you vent anger? I try to exercise it out, but mostly yell. Pathetic really.
What was your favorite toy as a child? I don't recall having many.
What is your favorite season? Autumn and Spring. They are perfect running weather
Cherries or Blueberries? Blueberries
When was the last time you cried? Reading a book, about a week ago.
What is on the floor of your closet? Carpet.......Shoes, Boxes of stuff.
What did you do last night? Many things: soccer practice, take a child to babysit at a friends house, and took family to get kid cones at Arctic Circle, Sleep.
What are you most afraid of? Currently, hurting my legs so I can't run. Previously, losing any of my family members, especially my hubby.
Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburgers? Cheese please?!
Favorite dog breed? Labrador retriever.
Favorite day of the week? Sunday, the day of rest.
How many states have you lived in? One.
Diamonds or Pearls? Either or both, I don't mind.
What is your favorite flower? Red Roses mostly, but I like daisy's also.

So I hope you have learned a little bit more of what I like. Maybe you can come up with more questions?


Miracle Mile, ya ever heard of it?

This morning I met up with Amanda and Katrina to work out. Not such a bad morning for it either. To me, it was a little warm, but hey that's okay for now. So a miracle mile is this: Jogging laps around the track completing a mile. While on the sides with bleachers or stairs, you go up and down, the whole distance of track. Up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down. You get the picture. It was more difficult because of the lighting. There wasn't a lot.
Let me tell you, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Until tomorrow morning comes and I can't move my legs. I was very slow in doing it, but I don't hurt like I thought I might. I really kind-a liked this workout. I really did! Now, I just need to speed it up. We'll see what tomorrow brings...


Run, run as fast as you can...

Man I wish I could say that! I had a 5k to run last Saturday in Sugarhouse. It was in honor of the American Heart Association. I ran with two of my sister-in-laws. They are fast. One finished in 33 min. the other I think 35. Me not so good. I'm a little disappointed with my time. With every race I've done this year, I have gotten faster. This race 38:45. My only excuse is that this race course had two hills you had to run twice. Not a very good excuse, but I will get better. By the way, the s.i.l. that finished in 33 min.-she ran the last 100 meters with me, while yelling at me the whole time, "Carla run faster, move your feet. Come on!" I replied "Shut Up!" but I did sprint the last 100 meters. She is a junior running Nazi, but one I'm greatful for.
In honor of that, my friend, Amanda, who I'll not call a running Nazi just yet-but almost, is going to help me with speed/strength training and hills. I'm greatful for Amanda. She is now just the go getter. She came home from visiting her bff in Atlanta and is now just like her. She doesn't like mornings, but you almost wouldn't know it. That's right. 5:30 a.m. speed runs and strength training. Three times a week. Plus a long run on Saturdays before soccer games. I'm just glad I'm not alone in doing this. Amanda has brought a friend to train also. Melanie, you need to come with me so I can make it. Aaah!
Just kidding, it's not bad and I told Amanda, I need this. I want it. I will work for it. Don't let me stop and be a baby. If I puke, then I puke. I need to get my body into shape. I'm guessing it's going to go a lot faster now that there is a schedule. I am excited for this. I do really want it and I'm not going to let myself stop me from doing it. I need to push myself further to be faster.

So, I've been sorta busy...

But not really. Lets see, School has started and I'm enjoying the time that Boy #2 and I get to spend. A few weeks ago we visited with Amanda and Max, boy #2 was so excited, but he didn't know who Max was. He kept saying "Maaa"-imagine a sheep baaa-ing- over and over. (Now anytime we get ready for the day he thinks were going to se Max. He keeps saying his name over and over. I need to get him back over there to visit again.) We spent a good part of the day with them and then headed home for naptime. My favorite time of the day, is when boy #2 goes down. It's so quiet in my home. That is when I either a) get my nap, or b) read a great book-Catching Fire-, or c) both. What wonderful times.
Today the little thing thought he was so funny. I'm watching my nephew and they were playing while I was finishing getting ready for the day. My nephew runs up the stairs and says "Aunt Carla? (Boy #2's Name) is getting all the towels out of the bathroom." I'm confused, so I run downstairs with my nephew to see what he meant. My little boy #2 has unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper and he's rolling around, running around, spreading it everywhere, and not just giggling- but laughing the entire time. I can't get mad. I just run upstairs to grab the camera and then help him clean it up after. Pictures will be coming.
So, right now, both boys are asleep for naptime. I'm taking some me time.