Our Christmas letter

Hey all! Every other year my mother's family has a non-commercial Christmas. Meaning we all write letters. Usually every family member writes one letter and makes copies for each family member. That's 55 family members. That's over 300 copies for my family alone. We have now downsized to just one letter from each family. That's only 18 copies, Nice! I let Stephen take care of our letter this year with some help from me. I'm going to put it on here so the rest of you can enjoy it. (It has been revised as I try very hard to not put the kids' name's on here.)

Irwin Family Quiz
1. How long has Carla been married?
a) 7 years
b) 10 years
c) 13 years
d) Never Married
2. Who has Carla been married to for the last 13 years?
a) Bart
b) Karen
c) Nathan
d) Stephen
3. How many children do Carla and Stephen have?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 5 including Jake Dog
4. What is the name of the Family dog?
a) Fifi
b) Jake
c) Midnight
d) Snowball
5. List Carla and Stephen's 4 Children
6. Which of the following Children play A.Y.S.O. Soccer?
a) Becks
b) Starr
c) Dimples
d) M.C.
7. Which of the following Children play the piano?
a) Becks
b) Starr
c) Dimples
d) M.C.
8. Who ran their leg of the Ogden Marathon in 28 minutes?
a) Carla 7 miles
b) Stephen 3 miles
9. What does Carla list as her occupation on the tax return?
a) House Wife
b) Super Mom
c)Domestic Goddess
d) Kronos, Keeper of all time
10. What do We wish all of you?
a) A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
b) Health, a long life, and Happiness.
c) That the fleas of a thousand camels will infest your bed.
d) All the above...except c.

We hope you had a great Christmas and I will be posting pics of the kids with their goodies and with the rest of Christmas morning fun.
Have a Great New Year and be safe and healthy!!!


Christmas Tree 2010

So this is our Christmas tree for this year. It's been up for almost two weeks now. I'm amazed that Stephen wanted one up that early in the month, usually we wait until Dimples birthday. The kids all did the ornaments after Stephen and I got the lights up. They did a great job and I really like it. I'm glad it's up, and been up for some time.
The only thing is Dimples has asthma and allergies to, not only our dog, but the tree as well. Stephen realized how bad the allergy was when they went and picked up the tree. Dimples started coughing like nothing else. I realized it a few years ago, but we haven't a) agreed on getting a fake tree, or b) had the money {or saved the money} to buy one yet. I think I'm just going to find one after Christmas and just buy it. I know it will help him later, but for now, it's just Zyrtec and his regular asthma regime.

I know, not nearly enough lights, but, at least it has candy canes! ;)


Dimples' birthday

Dimples turned 7 on the 13Th. He is so friggin' cute. I love this kid. We woke up a bit late and had to rush the pancakes for breakfast thing, but they made it to school on time. I went to the school for lunch with Dimples. Of course I forgot my camera, but we had fun. He would look up at me and just smile when I looked back, melt my heart. When he was done with his lunch, he looked at me and asked "Hey mom, you done yet? Can't you eat any faster?" Love this kid. He is such a nice, kind, sweet boy who loves to tease his siblings and friends, and especially his mom and dad. I can't believe my oldest boy is getting older. Where on earth is the time going? Oh, man! I know it won't slow down, I just hope to be able to remember where the time is spent and what we're doing. I also hope to be able to just let things slide a little and enjoy my time with the family. In fact, on Dimple's b-day night, we went to the bowling alley, not realizing it's league night. Oops! guess that's not happening. So Stephen drove us to Toads to play some Laser Tag! You will not believe who did the best. Yep, yours truly. I had the most kills and least hits. Stephen however, was shadowed by Starr and kept dying, poor guy. Dimples had so much fun chasing me and his sisters around, even if he got shot more times by doing that. He got me a couple times, little sneak. He's short enough that you can't see him coming around the corner of the half walls. Funny guy! and of course the camera was left at home again. We had a blast and I can't wait to go again with the family. M.C. even played. He stayed at my side most of the time so I had to perch somewhere. He would shoot me when he was bored and I would shoot him just for the heck of it.

Good times I tell ya, Good Times!
Happy Birthday my cute little Dimples!!! Mom and Pops love you so much!


Kinda torn?

I was just released from my calling as primary chorister. I'm kinda torn about it because I half wanted out and half wanted to stay. I had a really hard time with this calling and I'm not sure if I did it justice. I really did try, but somehow I never felt I was doing any good. I never asked to be released, which means the Lord knew how I was feeling. The calling I was given-because you are never without one it seems-is second counselor in the young women program. I'm so excited yet so afraid. The usual self-doubting questions, am I good enough? spirtual enough? patient enough? Will I screw the girls up some how? I really hope not, yet these girls seem to already have such a testimony it's awesome! Stephen says I'll be great, so does Girl #1. She is absolutely excited to have her mama be in the presidency. She's an amazing girl that one, I love her so much.
I used to be in the young women's presidency once before, in the exact same calling. The beehives I had then are now laurels. Which is insane and I hope they are doing what I've taught them. So far it's only been 5 days and so far, I'm doing okay!


Piano Recital December 2010

Last Thursday my kids had their piano recital. Their final one for now until we can find a suitable teacher anyway. They all played their pieces memorized, and did very well. Even if they may have invented their own version of the song. I hope I can get the video's on here.

I will miss having my friend teach them, but I do understand when your family needs you more. I've decided to come up with things to go visit her, I don't know what yet, but I'll figure something out. She's a great person and lots of fun to be around, and she'll listen when you just have to vent about people she doesn't even know! But anyway, Thanks so much Lisa for all your hard work and all that you have done to help my children to learn to play the piano. We (Stephen and I) really appreciate it!

The kids didn't announce their song, or wait for an intro really, the just sat down, started playing and when they finished, they walked off while the audience clapped. It was funny. We tried to tell them to at least bow or curtsy, but they were too shy.

Dimples and Deck the Halls.

Starr and Silver Bells. (She kinda played her own version, but I promise she knows this song.) She plays it none stop now.

Tigger and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

By the way, I will no longer be calling Girl #1 "Bratt", there was a suggestion of Teeny me, and I thought about maybe calling her Tiny, but she would now like to be called Tigger, because she's always bouncing off the walls. We'll see how it goes. Again, suggestions are welcome ;) Oooo, I just thought of one while looking at her school photo, pretty girl or beautiful. ? What do ya think?

**Okay the video's are too big to post. Just believe me when I say they tried so hard and did very well.** December 15


Okay, she's not a "Bratt"

Alright, my husband doesn't think I should give Girl #1 the nickname of Bratt, even though she picked it! So I need some ideas for her nickname. I'm requesting all of you to comment and put a name for her. She doesn't like mini-me because she's tired of everyone telling her how much she looks like me. I think it's embarassing for her, maybe? Anyway, anyone willing to help me out?

I don't know, I don't really see it, do you?