Random things

O.K. M.C. broke his arm while Stephen was subbing in as coach for Dimples' soccer team. Becks was getting her team pics done while Starr was "watching" M.C. Yeah, that worked out really well. Half-way through the game, Starr brings M.C. over while shaking the broken arm and telling Stephen "he says it hurts when he moves it!" Yep, she did that. Stephen finished off the game, set Becks up with Starr for her team pics and game, then went to the clinic. We have the disk with the x-rays on it, but I'm not sure how to get those pics on here yet. Poor boy! He has a "Supracondylar fracture". I haven't got a clue what the exactly means, just that he did in fact break his arm somewhere near the growth plate. Dr. Bryan wants to see him one week after putting on the green cast...lets hope his arm will heal correctly!
I was running in this race while all of the above was happening. Great Mother's day gift!! just kidding, that wasn't my Mother's day gift. I didn't get one...not until Monday anyway. I needed a new ironing board and cover, a new shower curtain rod, and puff's tissues for our noses. (our noses that seem to run non-stop!)

This pic is of my birthday that I just celebrated! Tickets to a concert coming up very soon. I wish "U 2" could go with us! but I think the best gift was my own set of scriptures. I've never had my own, I always used my mom's old set or Stephen's. Yay!!! now I have my own, can't wait to put marks in them!OK, I think I'm all caught up. minus Easter pics, hiking pics, bountiful baskets, young women's activities...y'all know what its like, impossible to put it all on here.


So, so sorry, he he, I've been really busy and haven't had a chance to do any of this. UGH! anyway, here are the random pics I have of M.C. for his b-day several weeks ago. Man, where the heck does the time go? He's now 4 and life just seems to get crazier and crazier! Enjoy these random pics!