Funny Story...

Last week we actually had Family Home Evening. The lesson was on Manners and Minding since my children have a major problem with this. They all burp, fart, call each other names, it takes 20 times at least in asking them to do something...Stephen and I were tired of it. I know there will be many, many, MANY more F.H.E. lessons on this, but we had to start somewhere. It went pretty good, the week was fairly decent, and they got a couple of M&M's for Minding their Manners.

Fast Forward to Monday morning...Boy #2 still has to have some help with wiping after he's gone #2-so it doesn't get spread all over the toilet seat, his clothing, or his own bottom and legs. I go in to help him and this is our conversation: *Warning: Potty talk is about to commence!*
Boy #2: farting is bad manners huh mom.
Me: yes. yes it definitely is.
Boy#2: pooping is good manners huh mom.
Me: (puzzled looked) Yes it is as long as it's in the potty right?
Boy #2: (looking at me like "Duh!") Yep poop goes in the potty, not in our pants.
Boy#2: burping is bad manners huh mom.
Me: Yes most definitely.

He left the room and I just smiled. He makes me laugh and when I told the rest of the family, they all burst into laughter including Boy #2. Oh my life is never truly dull. Nope, never.
The above pic is Boy#2 helping Stephen fix the dryer on Thursday. Such a big helper;)


Haunted Dinosaur Park

On Friday night, we took the kiddo's to the Haunted Dinosaur Park. It was so much fun! The kids had a blast getting their costumes ready the entire day and they looked fabulous in them. We got to the park, waited in line for a bit, then off to view it at night. It was totally cool, and sometimes even scary if there were spiders. There were about 16 local companies who donated treats for the kids to trick-or-treat in different areas of the park. It was pretty amazing how it all worked out and looked great. There was a costume contest and I'm pretty sure the girls could have won if there weren't any younger, handsome firefighters in the line-up. (Yep, a cute little curly, blond-haired firefighter. He got our votes!) It was a fabulous time for our family. We have been wanting to do something together with just us. I loved it. We took pics of everything we could, some videos. All in all, it was a fabulous night ending with scones and hot chocolate later. I really love Halloween, the next best holiday there is next to Christmas!
I was truly surprised at how cute they all were, I mean that in the I-had-to-make-some-part-of-every-costume-way. (except for boy #2)
Girl #1 was Alice from Alice in Wonderland wearing the dress the Queen of Heart/Red Queen had made. I made this dress using an older costume as my base. I made 4 different tutu's-2 long and 2 short- with black tulle and red tulle. I found some white shear with black roses on it. Some rope for a belt. It worked out really well. It took me all day on Friday, but I believe it was all worth it.
Girl #2 wanted to be the White Queen from Alice in Wonderland. I was able to find a Heavenly Angel dress at a spook store and used the lace from the halo to make the choker. I purchased a cheap pearl necklace, cut 2 pieces and hot glued them to the lace and added some velcro. Some black eyebrows and super dark red lipstick and nail polish and some powder in her hair and she was almost ready. Stephen made the crown for her and they both hot glued some gems to it. It was amazing, I'm so glad I have him for a hubby!
Boy #1 wanted to be a ninja! Easy enough. Borrowed the basic stuff from a friend, wrapped black fabric to make it tight on his calves and made a belt for it. We used a head sock for helmets as his face covering. He looked so cool! Don't want to mess with this guy!
Boy #2 wanted to be a pumpkin. His was the easiest costume of all. I found it at the D.I. for $4. Easy peasy, nice and squeezy. I loved it. Put on a black turtleneck and some jeans and he was ready to go! Now they are ready for all sorts of parties and everything. And Halloween is still 2 weeks away! Oh life is good.


A Clean house....

or so I thought I could have one. Yeah, right! With kids and a dog in our small place, there is only a small window of opportunity to see my place clean. But I try. Every day I try. Well, Last week I was able to make sure one of our closets stayed in order, paint the floor boards in the kitchen, move Jake's kennell and the Baker's Rack back into the kitchen and then clean the front room carpet the next day or two. I'm so excited I was able to do this. I love having my carpet look nice and since I have to wait for funds to be saved again for carpet, I can at least clean it for now. It looks really nice. I even re-rinsed it the next day because I felt like there were sticky spots from the soap. Ugh! but it is now nice and clean. I really should post some pics of my finally done kitchen and mostly clean front room. Maybe. We'll see.
I did get to spend some fabulous time with some fabulous friends! I love having the time to be with them and just sit and talk. And cuddle with their babies and such since my own kiddos have grown. We had some yummy crepe's with banana's, peaches, nutella, cream cheese, and a yummy sauce I make. We had fun at Lisa's place. I cooked while Lisa and Amanda got to talk. We all had fun and missed some friends who couldn't make it. Hopefully next time!
Girl #2 received a Student of the Month award in her class and she also received an award for being there everyday on time. Her teacher really likes having her in class. Girl #2 is always helpful, cheerful, sincere, and especially kind to everyone. She even helps kids if they don't understand something and she has already finished. Girl#2 did really, really well on the block tests they take in school and that are a few reasons for her receiving her award. I feel bad that Boy #1 didn't get that award cuz of his asthma, but that is how it goes. He still does very well in school and I know he works hard.
Sorry for the novel, but this is a continuing one right? a blog, is just the novel of our lives? Yep, I sure think so.