Carving Pumpkins

We as a family carved our pumpkins on Tuesday night. We got started before Stephen came home from work so he would just help with the carving and also so we wouldn't be up half the night working on them. The kids and I got them all cleaned out and ready to go. Then Stephen came home. That was all the kids needed for a go ahead. The girls decided to use some cookie cutters as stencils, they traced them out on their pumpkins and started to cut away. Boy #1 wanted a certain stencil we had in a book, so I made a copy, cut out what shouldn't be on the pumpkin, traced it out on the pumpkin and let him have at it. He did a very good job and did his very best and most careful work of art on the pumpkin. I worked on Boy #2's pumpkin. No stencil, just my careful, artsy eye. I didn't know what to make for his so the usual jack-o-lantern face for boy #2. He's happy with it. So am I. Unfortunately for Stephen, I wasn't able to get his pumpkin cleaned out, which turned out to be okay. He made his top his own and then drilled holes all over the pumpkin. It looks awesome. He is very creative and cool like that.

We saved all the seeds from the pumpkins and now I will be making pumpkin seeds for us to snack on. They are like sunflower seeds, they taste good once they are salted then roasted. I can't wait! So enjoy the pictures and have a

Happy Halloween!!!!


October 26th, (the reason I had to take Stephen to work today)

On October 26Th, we went to Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City. It is a beautiful place just above the university. I, being a total wreck having to drive there without my husband, forgot my camera. Thanks be to my wonderful s.i.l. Susan who brought hers. I just need to get the pictures from her. It was a great family event. The kids all wore their costumes and had their face painted. They received a pumpkin to share and to paint, even boy #2 painted part of it. There was a huge owl, in the same building as the pumpkins, that was looking around. She then set her eyes on my boy #2. He noticed it and started to squirm away. He figured he was the prey at that point. They went through a haunted hallow area to make a witch's broom, then raced on the them through a maze. They searched through a haystack to find a creepy crawly thing which they then turned in to receive a prize. They listened to a witch tell scary stories and funny jokes. They went to the children's garden area and got to make potions! and play in the garden area set up just for them. They even got to see a Witch's brew. It was cold, but so much fun. It was a wonderful family night for us. Because it was total darkness outside, I begged Stephen to drive us home and I'd bring him into work the next morning. He is so good to me, he didn't have any problem. Because it was so late and being the forgetful mom that I am, we had to stop somewhere for a quick dinner on the road home, but we did enjoy a delicious chocolate cream pie at Grandma's and Grandpa's! I'll post those pictures as soon as I can!

There is SNOW!!!

I am totally happy! I love snow. It snowed before Halloween, which is what I've been saying all along. I want it to snow on the ground and stay there. I love the beauty it brings and the excitement. I'm so happy! Yay! It's in our mountains which now look gorgeous. It was on the grass earlier, but it sort of rained it away. As I was taking Stephen into work today, we past trees and grass with snow on them. It was such a contrast to see the yellow, red, and green of the trees and grass with the snow. It was so pretty. It made me smile. The one thing I didn't like was having to go to Salt Lake to take him to work. YUCK! I was terrified. Have I mentioned how much I hate to drive there. I'm a wimp. But now I have my beautiful snow to look at. I'm loving this.


Friday was legs day

We did leg workouts on Friday morning. It was awesome. My legs could handle it. I was so surprised. We started out with a couple of laps around the school parking lot to warm up with. We then did our workout. It consisted of many things, but I enjoyed each of them.
1- 10 hills, 30 curb jumps, 30 backward lunges= one set
2- 10 hills, 30 curb jumps, walking lunges 20 ft. out then back= one set
3- 3 laps
Then on to the Obstacle course:
1-20 toe touches on Bosu or 20 jumps
2-Rope ladder on ground, stepping into and out of squares while doing squats holding a medicine ball going down and lifting it up over our heads when standing up.
3-4 hula hoops placed in a square. jump forward and backward, side to side. 5 times
4-walking lunges while doing overhead presses with 5 lb. weights. about 15 -20 ft. there, then do them back.
5-10 Hurdle jumps(1/2 ft. off ground)
6- Lap around to other side
10 hills
sprint length of obstacle course
Start over again.

Oh let me tell you how much fun we had. We did this for an hour. I really liked it though, because it was at my time of day, 6 a.m.! YaHoooo! I loved it!
I can't wait for Amanda to come back so we can try some of these things.
Just think, we'll be ready for anything.

Thursday was a running hike

We went for a hike starting at 24th street and going east to a southerly direction. It was not as bad as I thought it'd be. I actually really enjoyed it, except for after the first 5 or 10 minutes into the hike, I fell. Actually, I tripped over a stupid root of an oak brush. I can't believe I did it. It is really in my true fashion to trip on any hike, so, yes I can believe it. The pictures don't even tell it all. I finished with a little blood and a very sore leg. We even went further than the trainer was going to take us. It felt so good to come down. The whole lot of us went super fast. I really like to go down hill, it was a lot more fun and an easier time. My leg muscles were pretty sore after this hike/run. I could barely walk. What is a hike without a little road rash. That is just how my life is. My sil Sheila did really well. She just makes up her mind to do it, then does. She is awesome!

Wednesday was Arms day

You all know what that means. We did so many things, my shoulders and arms hurt for days later. I don't know all we did-because there were so many things we did-but we did high reps with only 5 lb. weights. I don't get it. How did I become such a wimp? We did shoulder presses (30=one set), ones where your arms are at right angles and you bring them into to touch elbows and wrists (30=one set), we had our arms to our sides then lifted them straight out to the sides (20=one set), we did hovering push-ups (20 or 30=one set), we did planks but took one arm at a time and lifted out the 5 lb. weight (20 or 30 each arm=one set), we had to do sit-ups holding one weight above us then switch arms (30 ea. arm=one set). We did this one thing that is like a squatting pliae' that we'd bring our weights in hands to the center, then as we stood, we lifted them out to the side, then up to the top to make a circle. I'll just have to show it. It is harder for me to explain things than show them. I know we did some more things, but I can't remember them all.
That night I had a hard time picking up boy #2. He only weights about 25 lbs. I truly hurt for a few days.


Tuesday's Workout

We ran a 5k. That wasn't all, but it was the major thing we did. I ran it in 37:49. This is 10 seconds faster than my last run. I was so excited. I started out with a group but lost them about 3/4 mile into it. I was on my own after that. It was nice. I didn't listen to any music, I kept telling my self to keep going. I did it. I was in an area I've never ever been in before so I actually thought I was lost because there was no one in front of me that I could see and no one behind me. I thought I took a wrong turn somewhere. I finally saw my finish line and was glad to be done. I dug deep within myself and sped up the last little bit to finish. I was happy. I then had to do jumping jacks and push-ups until the remainder of the group came in. I really didn't have to wait long. I'm truly impressed with these people in the group. They try so hard and give it their all. I'm impressed and want to improve myself the same way they do. It was a lot of fun. I even came in second place for my age division. yeah, that says somethin', doesn't it? I had fun is the best part.

Monday's Workout

Okay, so I know this seems more like an exercise journal, but I'm trying to come up with things my family does. But, for now, I'm telling you about my week thus far.
On Monday, I went with Sheila, my s-i-l, to her personal trainers boot camp. This is what we did on Monday: 9 different stations for 5 minutes each, as many sets as we could get.

1- speed walk while carrying a 20lb. bucket about 25-40 ft. switch hands and carry it back. Do side-steps same distance and back.= 1 set for 5 min.
2- Cone ladders (you know what those are) =1 set for 5 min.
3- Bosu-15 toe touches or side steps, sprint back 20 feet, 15 jumping jacks= 1 set for 5 min.
4- Jump over a tight rope (1 ft off ground) 15 times while holding a medicine ball, then 15 squat throws with the ball = 1 set for 5 min.
5- Cowbell (kettle weights?) side lunge while raising and lowering bell. 5 min.
6- Jump Rope for 5 min.
7- Sprint 20 feet, rest 10 sec., sprint back, rest 10 sec. = 1 set for 5 min.
8- Rope ladder on ground. jump in then out on each section of ladder, up then back down= 1 set for 5 min.
9- 15 male push-ups then 20 jumping jack squats = 1 set for 5 min.

We did each station once, plus after doing 2 or 3 stations, we ran a couple of laps around the school front parking lot. Oh. My. Goodness. if it weren't for the fact that I'm liking the exercise, I don't think I would have done this. I thought we were going to run snowbasin, that's the only reason I did this. But Sheila found out we weren't and I still said I'd go. I think I slept really well that night, once I was able to sleep. I really need a better way to get pictures of these things to post them. I think people might really like them.


La Ferrovia

This a nice little Italian Restaurant on 25Th Street in Ogden. It has some delicious food. Stephen had their Lasagna and I had Cannelloni. I have never had that before and thought it was wonderful. Stephen enjoyed his lasagna and was stuffed after eating it. I had to bring half of mine home. It was too much to eat at one sitting. They have other things like make your own pizza, calzones, and other pasta dishes. It was terrific. The atmosphere of the place it wonderful and it seems to be kid friendly. We truly enjoyed our time there and had a wonderful dinner. I highly suggest you go there. They have very decent prices and excellent food. The address is 243 25Th street. Parking is along the street or behind the building with a cute entrance there as well. Enjoy!

Last week...

Last Friday, Amanda and I did a full 3 mile run. It felt. so. good! I loved the whole thing. I haven't run a full 3 in I don't know how many weeks. I just knew I could do it and it felt great. I even thought about running an extra mile until I realized Amanda needed to leave. Bummer, I really did want to keep going. I came home and no one was up. Do you know what that means? That means we ran faster than normal, for me anyway. I was home before my oldest was up for school. I was home before my hubby was up for work. I enjoyed it. I was loving it. I showered and got ready. Sent the kids off to school and I even went with girl #2 on a school field trip. It was fantastic. It was all because I had a great run that morning. How nice it was for me. This will only help me with the 5 miler on Thanksgiving morning. YAY!
The next morning, girl #1 went with me to the track to do a boot camp exercise with Amanda. I tell you, my bottom end muscles haven't hurt like that in a very. long. time. We did so many things I don't remember them all. Seriously. We did sprints(100's) and then would go back to doing something that would use a set of muscles I forgot existed. Then do another lap of sprints. I hurt all day Saturday and Sunday, but thankfully today I feel better. Thank you Amanda and I know that Lori deserves a thanks as well.
Today however, I am going with my S.I.L. Sheila to her personal trainers boot camp. It is all week, but I'm skipping out of Wednesday's activities. I'm sure I'll need the recuperation time. I am excited about it. I can't wait. It is a good thing to do it this week as Amanda will be going out of town. I am really excited to do this workout with my S.I.L. I haven't gone on any workouts with her and it will be nice to see how I do. We have run some races, but never anything like this. I'll update you all on it, you know, let you know how much I hurt during the next week. Lots of FUN!!!


Today's workout, I'm happy with it.

Today, Amanda worked my arms. It was great fun. She is a great friend who is willing to get up in the mornings, even though she is sooo not a morning person, and help me to get into better shape. We did a boot camp with dips, arm torture, bicep torture, laps and then again. and again. I did it though. and I'm proud that I did. I did beat her to the track this morning, not her fault, and was able to run a mile in 12 minutes. I was so pleased, I pushed myself again and I loved it. It was a great morning. I wasn't as cold as I thought I'd be so that was nice. My wonderful hubby did purchase some good cold weather gear for me and I appreciate it very much. I also appreciate my friends that have stuck it out with me. One friend hasn't been able to come due to pregnancy and others aren't always there, but Amanda has. It is nice. I appreciate all my friends and family. Thank you for the support!

Stephen's birthday

He is older than me finally! There are a few months we are the same age, so I can't really call him an old man without saying I'm an old gal, but for now I can.
On the day of his birthday (it was during the middle of the week,) we went to dinner at a place called Taggerts. It is has it's own exit off the freeway in a town with the same name. Exit 108 on I-84. It is a great little place. I loved being there. It is a hometown kind of place, very friendly, even for kids. The food was delicious. Stephen had a Prime Rib Sandwich with swisscheese melted on it and onion rings, he did ask for Au ju sauce and dipped his sandwich in it. It was good!!! I had their shrimp dinner. It came with a nice salad and steak fries. I thought it would be small, but it was huge! There was a ton of shrimp on my plate. It tasted wonderful. We even shared a Mint Cheesecake. The waitress even put a candle on it, but didn't sing, which was nice. Oh, it was nice to go out with my hubby and celebrate his b-day. I just love him! He is such a loving and understanding man. I'm very lucky to have him be in my life.
We celebrated with his family on Friday night. I was a little sad that only one sister and her family showed up besides his parents, but I really don't want any of my kids to get sick (chicken pox) from a cousin. The others already had plans, so they missed out on terrific pizza (from Piccolo Pizza and Pasta,) veggies, and pop. One Delicious ice cream cake from the store and lots of fun with the family. His niece made a cake for him, we used that for him to blow out the candles. It was really cute. Two of our children gave him Lego sets, and of course he had to put them together that night. It was great. Boy #1 said he wanted to get his dad some Lego's for his birthday so the he(boy #2) could play with them. Good fun had here at home.
We will celebrate with my family on Sunday. It will be a lot of fun also. Stephen will get to grill the meat for his own b-day dinner. How fun is that! We both come from large families so we have to celebrate things separately. We will have a great time with everyone who will be there. I'm hoping that my sister will not have her baby by tomorrow, I can wait for Monday but she can't. She's READY! We'll just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.


This Mornings workout

After this mornings workout, I really believe the title to my last post. :o Thank You Amanda!
It was so intense and almost unbearable. Don't ever ask me to do that again! ;}