Sick Family

I hope you all are having a really great time this summer and are all healthy. As I mentioned in the last blog, we went camping, came home early in the rain and still enjoyed ourselves while there. When we came home girl #2 and boy #2 were fevering. No church for them the next day, which happened to be Father's Day. Stephen, being the wonderful father that he is, stayed home with them. That evening, boy #1 started to fever. Oh boy, will there be a break? No. I took all three of them to the doctor's the next morning and here is the break down (a few days worth) of what happened after the visit:
  • Girl #2 has a fever of 100.7, strep test comes back +. Ugh.
  • Boy #1 has a fever of 100.7. the nurse checks again 100.7, strep test comes back -, but sending in to be cultured. uuuhhh? He is feeling great by the next day and up to his usual teasing and other mischievousness. Not sick anymore. YAY!!!
  • Boy #2 has a fever of 100.8, strep test comes back -, being cultured but has an ear infection, so needs drops. We think that his ear possibly burst at an earlier time and turned disqustingly black inside his ear drum area.
That night Stephen is feeling terrible, fever, headache, tired, fever. He goes is in the next morning to find out the rapid strep test for him is neg. but they're going to treat for strep anyway. It's his fault, he drank from girl #2's soda can. He comes home sleeps all day and night. Next day, he goes back in for an appointment that was all set up for a scouting physical. They do another type of test. INFLUENZA. right up the nostrils to make him cry. The strep culture from the day before and this new test come back +. Double UGH. The doctor request my visit. I'm healthy as can be, with the exception of asthma, so the doctor puts me on an anti-viral for flu. I don't like that little pill. By the afternoon we find out boy #2 also has strep throat and put him on an antibiotic.

Okay, so I have half my family sick, the other half bored out-of-their-minds-because-no-one-is-going-anywhere-to-infect-other-people-because-mom-said-so. Including me at this point. We go into the rest of the week with Stephen finally getting better by Friday evening, the other two are feeling okay, but still no one is going anywhere to disrupt other people's lives. That's just not fair to other people. Especially the ones I know and see. Their kids don't give crap to mine. I'm just trying to help everyone out.

So now we come to Sunday evening, the kids are going to bed and Girl #1 starts crying, and crying, and complaining about her ear. She has been stuffy for about a week. I figured why not take her to the doctor seems as she's been left out. She has an ear infection, which-if you didn't know- if you put heat on the ear, it's possible to have some fluid drain out of the ear and onto the heat pad you, as mom, have set up for her. We live and we learn.

So, I am very happy to say that we are all on the mend and expect to be leaving the house by Thursday or Friday to get out! I am also running a 5k on Saturday, but haven't been running for two weeks due to the above mentioned crap. I will write about the run after it has passed. We'll see how I do.


Metal Detecting and Camping Oh My!

Just so everyone knows, my husband has a fairly new hobby of metal detecting. He loves it. It takes time, patience, and a good wife to let him go out to the parks with the kids while he looks for money and other little trifles. He has asked if he can post on the blog, I told him to do it because it is a family blog. He has been doing this since mid-October I think, and has collected over $20 in different change and other bits and bobs that are unique and interesting. He would love to detect peoples older yards, looking for siver items. This last weekend we camped in Morgan at their Lions Club lodge. He only did a small section of grass close to the parking area and found over $3 in change. Not bad for one day. He enjoys it. I like for him to be happy, he deserves it!

We came home from camping a day earlier than usual, which turned out to be terrific. Our bedding had been rolled up and ready to pile in the car when it started to downpour. Oh My GOODNESS! I'm glad we were leaving, everything would have been soaked if we weren't. Our dumb tent started leaking! What a day. It rained for most of Saturday. YUCK! It was still a good thing we left because three of my four kids ended up having fevers at some point on Sunday. Poor girl #2 has strep throat, Boy #1 has something but the doctor isn't sure, and Boy #2 has a wicked looking ear canal and has to have drops put in. Thank goodness girl #1 is feeling just fine. She has always been terrific to help me with the younger ones. I love my kids. I feel bad most of them are sick. UGH! it's summer and they can't go outside. Poor things. Hopefully they will be better by the weekend. I hear it will be raining again...uh, what are they going to do? Better luck next week is all I'm hoping for.


My Husband

What a great guy! Last night we went on a date. It was terrific. I thought we were just going to dinner but, first we went to Fort Buenaventura. I had no clue what we were going to do there. He starts walking towards the pond/lake, he pays our fee (which, btw, is only $1 per person and $3 for canoe rental,) walks to the shed with the oars and life preservers. At first I didn't know what he was thinking. I haven't been on any kind of a boat for really long time. So, I was very scared. I get into the canoe with my oar, and we start going around. Everytime the boat was rocked by any little movement, I was scared and kinda froze in my seat. By the time our thirty minutes were up I did enjoy it. We just paddled around and talked and watched the fish mate. Very romantic. Seriously though I did have fun. We plan on taking the kids. The water isn't very deep, so no worries.
After our little canoeing event, we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Can I just say this is one of my very favorite places to eat now. I loved the food. Their rolls are freshly made and the honey/cinnamon butter is delicous. Stephen had their prime rib, they offer raw horseradish and regular. He loved both. Everything there was great. We even ate the small onion blossom. Terrific! I love food. I truly enjoyed this eating experience.
By this time we only had a little time left to actually finish the errands that we needed to finish before we could go to bed. We are going camping this weekend and needed some food and to finish off gifts for Father's Day. Lots of fun! Have a great weekend!


I'm very Grateful

I'm so very grateful for many, many things in my life. My fabulous husband, his job, the fact that he has one. Our 4 beautiful children and their attitudes about life. They bring sooo much joy to us. The fact that we are currently out of debt, except the house- which is a huge feat for me. My husband has struggled with me, trying to teach me how to be good about it. The way he is trying to get our condo put together so we can sell it eventually. I will be so please when that happens. I am grateful for my parents and their love and concern for us and our children. I am grateful for in-laws and their concern and willingness to always help out. I am grateful for sister-in-laws who want to run races (5k's only please.) I am grateful for friends, family, and neighbors. I most especially grateful for my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ and their influence on me and my family. I'm grateful for Heavenly Fathers hands in everything I do in my life. His influence and love for me is WODERFUL! He's always doing things for me to make my life better. I have a friend (I've had a few) who right now is going through something my husband and I have gone through. I feel for her and I know that the Lord will bless her and help her and her family get through all that is going on in their life right now. May anyone who reads this have the same blessings and more from Heavenly Father.


Yay I Have A Blog!!!

Yesssss..... My good friend Amanda helped me set this up. I'm so excited to be able to have one now. I'm an admitted blog stalker. I like to read up on my friends. I like to know what is going on in their lives. I don't always get the chance to see them or talk with them over the phone, which by the way I like to do the best, so I blog stalk them. I also look to see who their friends are and if I know any of them. I look at their blogs as well. So, hopefully I will be able to keep in touch better with the friends I have and be able to make new ones.
Have a great day!!!