Happy 12 Years to us!

On Saturday the 25th of July, we celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. (11 years from Temple sealing) We celebrated it the way we started out, with a child. Just not pregnant. The three older kiddies went to Tooele to spend the weekend with their cousins, so we had boy #2 with us. On Saturday morning we hiked Waterfall Canyon. It was a good hike, I truly enjoyed it. For those who know me, know I hate hiking.
I had fun with Stephen and the babe, whom Stephen carried on his back all the way up. We took Jake the dog with us and he was protective of us as always. I carried the water, snacks, diapers, phone, camera. It was fun. I didn't complain near as much as I used to nor did I stop as much. I am running with a team in the Ragnar Relay, so I need to do more hikes and hills. This is why I chose to hike for our anniversary.
On the way down, Stephen's knee's started giving him pain, a lot of pain. About half-way down, I started running down the trail so I could go back and help Stephen with the babe. I got to the car and dumped my stuff. I ran back up the trail and before I even got to the part with a sign, here comes the hubby and the babe walking slowly towards me. I tried to be fast so I could help, apparently I need to work on it. We were able to make it down with out any problems thankfully! I didn't have to carry Stephen down the hill!
Afterwards, we went to 7-Eleven for Slurpee's. YUM! We went home stretched, showered, got ready to go out. We ate dinner at my new favorite place, The Texas Roadhouse. Oh I like that place. Very, Very good food! boy #2 also enjoyed his time there. We had fun just the three of us. Our children had fun with their cousins and got to spend some good time with them. We ran some errands, then came home to watch a movie. I still haven't got to finish it yet. I want to though. From what I did see, the movie is awesome. You'll have to watch it sometime. Equilibrium. I will finish it tonight.
All in all, we had a wonderful anniversary. I didn't think we'd be doing anything at all for it, but Thanks to my sister-in-law Anne for planning on the kids being with them, we got to celebrate.
I am so much in love with my husband. I really appreciate and love all he does for me and for our children. He is the one who insists I stay home with them. I love that about him. YAY! for terrific husbands!
On a side note- I am running another 5k this weekend. I like it! I like it! I do! My sister-in-law Sheila suggested it. Since the hubby and the oldest three will be back packing, I might as well! We'll see how I do during this run. I hope better than the last one.


So, I did it!

I ran a full 3 miles without stopping! I was so excited, but out of breath to really show it. A big high 5 to Mel and that was all I could really do. I hope tomorrow is as good as today. This is the first time I have ever run that long without stopping. EVER! I didn't even run like this in Junior High or High School. I am now feeling some of it in my knees and ankles but so what. I am a runner! YAY!
When I got home, I stretched out, said goodbye to Mel, then ran upstairs to tell my hubby. He was asleep but he mumbled a congratulations or good job. I think. When he was more awake, he said I could probably out run him. I don't know about that yet, but one day. (evil smirk)
From my girl #2: Say "Ellie's Elegant Elephant" five times in a row as fast as you can. It's hard.


I realized something..

I realized something this morning. I got up at 5:45, a little later than usual, and thought to myself, I don't want to do this. I got dressed, kissed my husband, stretched out and went running. I ran three miles with only little breaks in there. I was thinking about what I'd said to myself earlier. I don't want to do this? Yes I do. I like running. I like that I'm trying to make myself a better, healthier person by doing this. I realized I didn't want to stop as soon as I normally do. I ran a mile before anything on my body got tired. Why would I say that? I don't want to do this? I realized that I don't want to do this alone. I like to run with my friends. I like to run with my hubby even if he's saying to me "take a bigger step" "I would get tired too if I took too small of steps".
Side Note-I love him and it's only because he is so not a morning person. He likes to get up at 8 a.m. don't ask him to wake up earlier for exercise. "He just has longer legs than me" is my usual thought as I ignore him. He is a good man who tells me I can now outrun him. We'll have to see about that, but truly he means all the best and is honestly trying to help me when he can.
I miss when my friends are unable to go, but I really enjoy having them there talking to me. I can't run and talk at the same time so I love to listen to them, secretly hoping they're running out of breath. tee hee.
Side Note- I have been taking girl #1 with me to just run a mile. Just so she can see and feel the importance of exercise. I think she knows and in about a year or two she'll be running a marathon I swear! But by then I can get girl #2 out with me to run. I like having kids that are able to do this with me.
I was able to run my miles in about 41 min. not too shabby for this old flabby. I will increase my speed and decrease my time. I need to and want to. Until I get to where I want to be, I'll just keep on runnin'. See you people out there!

Bear Lake and Family Reunions

We left Friday afternoon for Bear Lake. I am amazing at packing up the vehicle. I don't think Stephen would've done any better. pat,pat. We headed up there for a reunion. It happens every year during the same weekend in July. We were able to have a cabin to stay in, which was so gorgeous it was almost unreal. We shared it with Stephen's grandparents, parents, siblings and their families. We had a blast. Saturday after the reunion we hit the lake. It was Packed! the water level was higher, and it was fun. Stephen did metal detecting while at the lake and the kids enjoyed the water. We had alot of fun. Stephen went back the next day to do more detecting so he took the kids with him. I got to relax back at the cabin while boy #2 slept. It was a fun relaxing weekend. I was able to run on Saturday morning. I only did a mile, but half of it was uphill. ya-ouch! I really, really need to work on running hills. Coming back up took twice as much time as going down. We did enjoy ourselves though and had a great time. We got to spend a lot of time with family and the kids were able to have their relationships with their cousins grow. We came home on Monday and are back to our routine again. I miss the lake, wish we lived up there.


Last week we took our kids canoeing. It was fun! If you need an idea for a cheap activity with your family do it. We went to Fort Buenaventura and rented a canoe for half an hour. Cost $3. We paid for those of us that are over 5 years old. Cost $1 each. We got the boys and girls all life jacketed up, put boy #1 in front of me, girl #2 behind me, girl #1 and boy #2 by each other at the bar in the middle of the canoe. We had fun, Stephen tried to scare them a little bit (which he succeeded at) by rocking the boat. After about 15 min. we docked the boat and switched places, I was now the one steering. Ummm? I learned out to do it. It was fun. Eventually, when the littler ones are older, we will rent two and have races. I need to work on my arms! The kids were able to relax after the first ten min. and they enjoyed the rest of the ride. We did let them try to paddle at the front. They wanted to help me, thought I might need it.
After our half hour was up, we docked the canoe and walked around the fort area. The kids loved it. This was an awesome FHE activity. It was great. Lots o'fun

Scout Camp and Metal Detecting

So, my hubby was gone for one full week. He had gone off to Scout camp. I dropped Stephen off at the Scout Masters home on a Monday morning at 4:30 a.m. They arrived safe and sound several hours later at Camp Loll. It's close to Yellowstone in case your wondering. He had fun and helped the boys try to get badges and he also encouraged the boys to make it to all meetings, not just the mandatory ones. He loves scouting, it's helped him throughout his own life. The food was great, the scout master is a terrific cook. Stephen is learning from him.
Half-way during the week there was a hike Stephen had to go on with the boys. It was 16 miles round trip. It should be easy, right? Well it should be easy for someone who runs or hikes consistently. Well, Stephen doesn't do either. He was hobbling when he got back to camp. Both knees swollen, finding the best way down any hill is going backwards. Poor man. I feel for him. He was able to tough out the rest of the week. Everyone came home safe and sound on a Saturday and that's when I got to tease him. Poor thing, life must've been hard on him. I glad he's back. Every year he goes, I realize I need him. I can't do this whole parenting thing without him.

He did try to metal detect the camp grounds, but got a lot of aluminum pull tabs from soda cans, no pocket knives, flashlights, or anything of interest. He decided to stop looking and just let things stay where they are. Or did he.
We went to Bear Lake the next weekend after scout camp. We were in Laketown for a family reunion and he was able to find his first silver coin. He was excited. He couldn't continue because of the family all over the area, but wasn't discouraged. We went to the Lake and he found his first silver piece of jewelry: a ctr ring. I believe he found that in the water. He had so much fun, he took the kids the next day and found more fun junk. If you'd like, he will email you pictures of his finds. He's all about sharing his hobby fun.
So he hasn't given it up. I'm sure we'll be out there again, he will be detecting, we-the family-will be digging or playing.


Running....How do I put this?

I wasn't born to be a runner. That is a fact, but just because it's a fact doesn't mean I can't change that. I signed up to run a 5k race on July 4Th in Riverdale. It was fun. I ran with my sister-in-law Susan and her boyfriend Nate for about the first 30 seconds. Then they were gone. I blame it on their age and the fact I didn't run for two weeks before the race. They are young people, under 30 and have always been doing some kind of running. According to Nate, his parents have had him running a mile a couple times a week since the sixth grade. Huh? I wonder if Daughter #1 should be doing that. I think we'll start next week with her.
So, I was able to run the 5k in 40 min. 50 sec. that is 21 sec. faster than the 5k I ran in May. That is still good. I am pleased, and sore. I will run a 5k in less than 35 min. someday. I plan on running the Ragnar Relay with my friend Amanda. I will run it. I will do better than ever. (I'm just convincing my self=})I'm very excited to run it. It's something I want to say I have done.
In August, my friend Mel will be running a 10k, and has asked me if I want to do the 5k. I probably will. It's always fun to run. In September my sister-in-law Anne has a walk or run and then in November my sister-in-law Susan wants to run on Thanksgiving morning.
To those I have been running with and will race with, I apologize right now that I.am.slow. I'm sorry. I will get faster though. Amanda and Mel have told me I will. I'm one of those runners, who, if stops for even one week, it takes two to get back to normal.
Oh well! I will become a better, faster, more proficient runner than I have ever been. I remember in junior high, we had to run the mile in p.e. I think I did it in under 8 min. I was young back then and could do it. Right now it takes anywhere from 10 to 13 min. I would like to change that to 9 min. per mile, 10 if there is a huge hill. I love to run now. I feel great when I go. I just keep pluggin' along. I feel strong and the best thing is, I feel healthy. Like I might be around for a long time for my kids. They are a partial reason to my running. i want to be here for them. I want them to have a mom who will play outside and will go on hikes with them and will be there at the soccer games cheering them on.
Maybe my hubby will join us in the mornings? Anyone else want to join us? We love company. My good friends are very supportive and willing to help. I just love them for it. They are great people and can keep up with each other. Love them all.