So, so sorry to keep you all waiting!

I know I'm so popular you all have been dying to know what we've been up too! (said sarcastically!)
In June, I worked hard in training for Ragnar and then ran it. I think I did well. M.C.'s cast came off which he absolutely loved! I gave a talk in sacrament meeting, went to girls camp, ran Ragnar, and camped out all in one week. Starr and Dimples started participating in a Library Mentor Reading program. They love to read and are doing very well. The three oldest started playing piano again. Love to hear them.
In July, We hiked Adams Canyon in Davis County. We had fun and I know we have pics but I'll have to post them later. I ran in the Riverdale "Old Glory Days" 5k with My S.I.L. Net. It was her first race and she was amazing! So proud of her. I ran a 6 mile trail run with my pals then went for a hike with the family up Waterfall Canyon. I must've twisted my knee or something sometime because I limped down the trail once we got out of tree cover. Ugh! I really need my knee back! I have a 10k in Sept. I'm training for! Starr got to go to Lagoon with two of my brothers and their kids. She had so much fun with them! Thanks guys! We've gone: swimming lots, to see fireworks, and to lots of bbq's and parties. The kids all have swim lessons and they are doing so well! Starr also got to attend a Babysitting class at McKay-Dee Hospital, which she enjoyed and learned a few things to help out with others.
There's more to come I'm sure, so for now, See ya!

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